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“Our favourite hair wrap for smoother, sleeker hair. This is the exact hair wrap our Editor Katia uses, so we can say first-hand that this is comfortable and completely unnoticeable once it’s on. If you tuck blow-dried hair into it overnight, it will emerge just as smooth and styled the next day. 5/5”

“Girls with curls, in particular, will love Silke’s hair wraps, which are made of silk-satin and help keep hair shiny, healthy and strong, as well as minimising breakage overnight.”

“Best slip-on/slip-off silk hair wrap. Simply wrap hair up at night and watch the magic happen.”

"Put your money into this silk hair wrap that will balance the oils in your locks and eliminate frizz."

“Best silk hair bonnet for a luxurious sleep. It acts like a shield against any rough materials and found that we didn't need to wash or straighten our hair as often, too.”

"If you haven’t heard of the Silke hair wrap, have you even lived!? This will quite literally change your life and banish those bad hair days because it works for all hair types. "

"Best Hair-Protecting Silk Hair Wrap. These stylish hair wraps promise to do your hair a world of good."

"I have been amazed at how good my hair looks in the morning after wearing my Silke hair wrap to bed. I can even run my fingers right through it without a brush!"

"It's a way better option than those scarves from the beauty supply shop, and prevents my curls from getting crushed and frizzy while I sleep."

"If you’ve never worn a silk hair wrap to bed, your're definitly missing out on a key step in preserving your hair style."

"I bought a silke hair turban from SILKE London that I put on everynight before going to sleep. I have really thick hair and I always used to wake up with my hair in a tangled mess, but now as soon as I slip it off in the morning, I just run my fingers through my hair and its perfect."

"This is honestly one of those super important things you need! It’s the secret to waking up frizz-free, and it keeps your blow-dry looking fresh for longer."


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