25 Days of SILKE-Mas

Along with our products giving you the gift of gorgeous hair each and every day, we wanted to gift you one nugget of hair care gold (including expert hair care and styling tips from our Founder, Maria) for each day of December, so you can enter 2020 armed and ready with the best hair care tips and tricks!


Welcome to our SILKE-Mas hair care tips advent calendar...


1) Save Those $$$’s

Once you've invested in a SILKE Hair Wrap, you will buy, use and throw away less bottles of hair products (saving yourself some serious $$$). Considering the multitude of benefits the SILKE Hair Wrap delivers to your hair and the number of different wet hair products you would need, (with far shorter replacement periods!), to replicate these benefits, the wrap has a very low price per wear! Cha-ching.


2) The Hair Wash Debate

"Washing your hair daily strips your hair of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy, causing your scalp to overcompensate by producing too much sebum. The result? Your hair looks...well, slicker than you’d like. The best way to break the cycle is to start weaning your hair off the sudsy stuff as soon as possible. When you wash your locks less often, say once or twice a week, you’ll notice a BIG difference" - Maria Sotiriou, Founder of SILKE London and hairdresser with over 30+ years of experience. 

3) Prolong That Blowdry

One of the biggest benefits our fans of the SILKE Hair Wrap are obsessed with is the way it prolongs the life of blow-dries and lengthens the time between hair washes. Because, who doesn't want that in their life? Save time - check. Save damage - check. Wake up looking like you've had your hair freshly blown out? check check check.


4) Bye Bye Split Ends

Using the SILKE Hair Wrap helps prevent broken split ends from travelling up the hair shaft that inhibit future growth and optimises hair growth between trims, so your hair growth each month remains strong and healthy!


5) Travel BFF

Resting your head against an abrasive nylon seat in a plane cabin full of stale, recycled air is a recipe for dryness, breakage, frizz and need we say, disaster hair. And who wants to start their holiday with disaster hair? Not you. Cocooning your hair in your SILKE Wrap in-flight ensures that your hair will only come into contact with the smoothing, hydrating, anti-frizz fabric.

“A SILKE London Hair Wrap is an amazing accessory for the plane! Not only can you pull it over your eyes but your hair looks just like it did when you got on the plane vs a scrambled hot mess.” - SILKE Customer


6) Trim Those Ends...ALWAYS

While we’re sure your hair appreciates the sentiment, your locks grow around half an inch each month whether or not you get them snipped regularly. Trimming gives the illusion of faster growth because it removes brittle split ends, which if left will make your hair appear weak and thin as it grows.


7) Perfect Your Hair Wash Technique

First, be sure to apply shampoo to both the front and the back of your head, as people often concentrate on the top. The dirtiest areas are often at the nape of the neck and behind the ears. Next, use the pads of your fingertips and avoid using your nails to massage in the suds, as this can damage your follicles, roots and scalp. Be sure to massage your scalp and not just your hair, as this is where products and grease build up, leading to dandruff." - Maria Sotiriou, Founder of SILKE London 


8) Small Change, Big Difference

Small changes to your Hair Ties…big changes for your hair! Silky smooth and with no clasps means no tugging. So putting your hair up with a SILKE London Hair Tie won’t mean pulling your hair out as you let it back down.


9) For Post-Relaxed Locks

I had my very curly hair relaxed a couple of months ago and my husband got me a SILKE London Hair Wrap, beyond amazing! My hair looks awesome as soon as I take it off and it looks elegant on too! It took me a little while to get used to sleeping in it, but I wouldn’t sleep without it now.” - Carla (SILKE London customer)


10) Wrap Your Weave

“Sleeping with a SILKE London Hair Wrap on at night is one of the most effective ways to keep your natural hair and weave protected from breakage often caused by the friction and looking at its best. Wrapping your weave at night helps the hair lay flat for minimal frizz, while locking-in moisture and shine, which makes day-to-day maintenance a breeze.” - ELLE 


11) Bleached Babes, This one Is For You

“I wore my Hair Wrap religiously before my wedding and even the hairdresser commented on how shiny and smooth my hair was (very highlighted blonde hair too!)” - SILKE Customer


12) Ditch Those Excess Products

“My amazing hairdresser recommended SILKE London to me and I’m so pleased she did. I’ve tried every hair mask there is, however this little SILKE has worked miracles” - Blossom (SILKE Customer via Instagram)


13) Minimise That Heat Exposure 

“I never tell anyone to stop styling their hair, what I do say is - use your SILKE Hair Wrap and break free from whatever tiring and damaging hair cycle you might be locked in to, and soon you will find you won’t be reaching for those heated stylers as often.” - Maria Sotiriou, Founder of SILKE London 


14) Quality Over Quantity

“Greasy hair is often caused by washing the hair incorrectly, which includes using the wrong shampoos. When it comes to buying a shampoo always buy the prescribed product from your salon or stylist. Yes, it’s an investment but you’ll actually find yourself washing your hair less saving yourself a whole load of time.” - Maria Sotiriou, Founder of SILKE London 


15) Hands Up All You Curly Girls…

“I have thick curly hair. It takes ages to dry and style. I’ve used the Hair Wrap for the last 3 nights and wake up with my hair looking as if I’ve just styled it. Usually I’d have to do a touch up with my straighteners but all I need to do now is run my fingers through my hair; I love it, and the colour is pretty amazing too.” - Debbie (SILKE Customer)


16) Healthy Hair is ALWAYS On Trend

The beauty of your hair depends on its health, so we only create products that care for it.

“I have been using your Hair Wraps for over 12 months and my hair is the thickest and healthiest it's ever been! Never go to bed without one.” - Kathy (SILKE Customer)

17) That’s a Lot Of Time…

We spend a third of our lives in bed - why not make it count? Worn nightly, hair cuticles glide smoothly against the soft silk material, preventing the abrasive movements that cause frizz, breakages and split ends. The results? Smooth, shiny, frizz-free hair...every morning!


18) Frizz Is Never Invited..

“My hair is naturally frizzy when it’s not heat styled and my hair is damaged from heat and bleach. I've never liked how my hair has looked naturally until I used this SILKE Hair Wrap; it’s incredible, like it’s actually magic. It makes my hair so soft and smooth in the morning with zero frizz. I wish iI had before and after pictures because the difference is massive” - El (SILKE Customer)


19) Skip That Packing Regret

“I have dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair so I thought I’d give the SILKE Hair Wrap a go. I wore it for about 10 days and I wasn’t convinced it was doing much so I decided not to take it on holiday. The first morning of the holiday I realised exactly how much difference it had made and regretted not packing it” - Laura (SILKE Customer)


20) Wash Less, Style Less

“I’ve had my Silke hair wrap for 3 months now and it has literally TRANSFORMED MY HAIR!! I only wash it once a week, its thicker, healthier and SO much more manageable! Thank you SILKE London I owe you BIG TIME!” -Emma 


21) Take CTRL

Your hair's 2 favourite words: damage-free and silky-smooth. Exactly why the SILKE hair ties are the must-have for your hair's everyday health!

Tie it up, let it down…whatever you do, make sure you do it damage-free! The SILKE Hair Wrap has a 100% pure silk exterior and a specially selected  super strong elastic interior, ensuring your hair gets the love it deserves...every time your hair goes up and comes back down!


22) Bad hair day? We Don’t Know Her.

Say farewell to bad hair days…Permanently! Cus ain't nobody got time for that. Say hello to 3rd, 4th, 5th day hair instead! Less washing, less styling. Less effort, more results!


23) Rapunzel, Rapunzel

 “People have been commenting on how long my hair has gotten and how healthy it is. I have a secret weapon (this Silke London Hair Wrap that protects my hair whilst I sleep). - Andi (SILKE Customer)


24) Protect the Blow-dry At ALL Costs

“I’ve been sleeping in this turban from SILKE London. It is some kind of miracle how your wake up with the same hair you went to bed with. Have never been able to competently wrap my hair.” - Lesley (SILKE Customer)


25) Merry SILKE-Mas!!! 

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