3 Minute Summer Styles by SILKE

When the heat is on, the last thing you want to do is spend even more time in the company of your hair dryer or heated tools.

Here at SILKE London we’ve put together 3 looks that all take 3 minutes, or less, to complete. 

Perfect for those hot summer days, especially when you’re looking to go the distance between washes. 

Look 1: Heatless Mermaid Waves 


What you’ll need: SILKE London Hair Wrap + a night’s sleep 

Step 1 - Before hopping into bed, part your hair down the centre and gently braid each side. 

Step 2 - Pop on your SILKE London Hair Wrap and tuck the braid safely inside. 

Step 3 - Come morning, whip your Hair Wrap off, gently unravel your braids, add a finishing spray of your choice and you’re good to go! 


Top Tip: Our founder, Maria Sotiriou, always advises you add a texturising spray post-blow dry, and pre-braid to create the perfect mermaid waves overnight. 

Look 2: The Loose Braid


What you’ll need: SILKE London Hair Tie + your favourite hair brush 

Step 1 - Brush your hair gently, once your tangle free establish your parting. 

Step 2 - Gather all of your hair at the nape of your neck and begin a loose braid. 

Step 3 - Secure with your favourite SILKE Hair Tie


Top Tip: Choose whether you want to blend in or make a statement. To blend choose either shade Coco or Cleopatra, and to stand out opt for a multipack in either Frida or Bouquet. 


Look 3: The Sky-High Pony 


What you’ll need: SILKE London Hair Tie + a spritz of finishing spray 

Step 1 - Pick your perfect pony spot and using your hands, brush all your hair up to that spot. 

Step 2 - Take your Hair Tie and secure. Remember, your SILKE Hair Tie can hold your hair in place minus the damage caused by an abrasive hair tie

Step 3 - Gently pull some pieces forward to frame your face as you’d like. 


Top Tip: Turn this pony into a trendy bubble pony by taking some extra Hair Ties and securing them, equally spaced, down the pony until you reach the bottom. 


Loving trying out these quick and easy styles, we always have more to share! 


Don’t forget to share your super fast styling tips with us and tag @silkelondon


Love, SILKE xo 

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