Calling all hair visionaries and hairventurers . . .
The color chameleons and the I-was-born-like-this hair-oines.
The overgroomers and the out-the-door-in-five crew.
The blowdry addicts and the straightening queens.
And every last woman with questions about how to care for their hair.
SILKE is here to transform your locks, one question at a time.

Have ANY questions about your hair?

#ASKSILKE and we'll give you our top tips and Maria's (our founder, hairstylist for over 32 years and hair transformation guru) insider advice on how best to care for your hair.

Whether it's how best to care for coloured hair or how to grow out your fringe, we've got you covered.

Use the hashtag #ASKSILKE, tag us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, comment below or write to us here and we'll answer your questions on our blog every Thursday!

Love, SILKE x

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How do you style your hair under the wrap at night? Do you use hair ties?

Julia January 26, 2021

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