#ASKSILKE - How often should I cut my hair?

If you tend to space your hair salon appointments months apart, it’s likely you’ll end up having 2-4 inches lopped off every time you go. This is because leaving so much time between trims allows split ends to travel up your hair shaft, leaving ends looking thin and weak, and inhibiting any growth you have achieved in that time.

Having regular trims every 6-8 weeks instead—taking off around 3mm each time—will keep your split ends in check. 

Planning on growing your hair? We recommend a visit to the salon as soon as possible to ask your hair stylist how much you should cut off. That way, you can get started with healthy locks. You’ll see a dramatic improvement in both the length and wellbeing of your hair if you keep up with regular trims after that.

Wearing the SILKE hair wrap at night will also prevent split ends and stop existing ones from travelling along your hair shafts, optimising hair growth between trims.


Maria x

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