The Results Are In! Discover Our *Award-Winning* Hair Wrap

Pop the champagne! Our SILKE Hair Wrap has come up trumps at the Get the Gloss Beauty Awards 2022, taking home Bronze in the ‘best product for curly or textured hair’ category.

If you haven’t considered using a SILKE Hair Wrap nightly to define and protect your curls, this is your sign. 


Where it all started

When our co-founder and professional hairstylist, Maria Sotiriou, was experiencing hair breakage and unwanted damage she discovered that most of it was occurring at night, whilst she slept. Abrasive fabrics such as cotton pillows, can play havoc with your hair, draining it of moisture, as well as causing split ends, snapping and frizz. 

Maria developed the Hair Wrap to protect her hair, but also look and feel fabulous the same time! 

The SILKE Hair Wrap are made from 100% mulberry silk, so not only does it act as a physical barrier against damage, but the amazing natural properties of silk also give back to your hair whilst you sleep. 

We spend a third of our lives in bed, why not make it count? 


Reasons you should be sleeping in SILKE:

  • No more greasy roots. The Hair Wrap distributes the natural oils produced from your scalp from root to tip meaning less grease build up whilst delivering an extra boost of hydration for your dryer ends. 
  • No more bedhead. Bedhead and frizz is caused mostly by your hair’s cuticles being ‘disgruntled’ whilst you sleep. By wearing the Hair Wrap nightly it encourages them to lay flat so your hair will be smooth and frizz free come morning. 
  • No more wasted time. You’ll be able to keep styling and morning battles with your hair to a minimum, so more time to do what you want to do… or snooze a few times, it’s up to you! 
  • No more ‘I’m washing my hair’ excuses. The Hair Wrap allows your hair to really go the distance between washes, so you can choose to wash your hair less, saving you time, energy and water. 
  • No more wasted products. The Hair Wrap replaces the need for excess products and ‘goo-hoarding’ making it the perfect bathroom shelf clearer and travel companion. 
  • No more dream hair.. Because you’ll already have it. No matter your hair goals; growth, shiny, thickness, overall health, the Hair Wrap can deliver for you.  


Have you tried out our Hair Wrap? Tell us what you think over on Instagram and TikTok, @silkelondon

Love, SILKE xo 

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