Step Into Spring With SILKE

There’s nothing better than sprucing up your haircare routine with a good spring clean. Let that excess goop be gone! 

Whilst we love a minimalist hair care routine, we’re not willing to compromise on results. Here’s our top tips on how to kick start your new and improved hair care routine, ahead of some summer sun. 


Wash your hair less

Less washing means less products. Our founder, Maria Sotiriou, recommends investing in this one wash using professional quality products. Yes, you really can wash your hair once a week!

Our top tip to prolong your blow-dry is to wear your SILKE Hair Wrap nightly to make sure that the natural oils produced by your scalp are being distributed evenly from root to tip. Say goodbye to greasy roots, frizz and unwanted damage, all while preserving that blow-dry all week long.


Invest in wash day 

Not so much financially, it’s more about investing your time and effort. 

By making sure you put the effort into that first post-hair wash blow-dry and style, from there, all you have to do is maintain it. Skip the process, and you’ll find yourself having to restyle using heated tools and excess products each day. 


Ditch the heat 

Of course, we know that heat damage is bad for our hair, but we also know the temptation of picking up a curling iron when our hair isn’t playing ball. 

Using the SILKE Heatless Curler for a few hours during the day or overnight, can eliminate the urge to restyle with heat, plus time and energy, come morning.

To enhance the styling ability of the Heatless Curler we recommend applying your favourite mousse to damp hair, or a finishing spray to dry hair, to give your curls that extra boost and hold throughout the day. 


Take care of your scalp 

Hair masks are great when indulging in a bit of ‘me time’, but to get maximum benefit for your hair you need to focus on your scalp. 

Maria recommends using a scalp oil once a week, pre-hair wash, working it in with your hands or a scalp brush to stimulate growth. Investing in your hair wash routine includes your scalp! 


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Love, SILKE xo 

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