Curls, Curls, Curls

Natural texture in the form of luscious curls are a blessing. 

Curly girls know better than anyone, that the key to keeping your curls in perfect shape lays in the products you use, but let’s talk about technique...

Our founder, Maria Sotiriou, has shared her pro tips on perfecting your ‘curl boosting’ routine. 


*Magic Fingers*

From treatments, to styling products, to freshly washed hair...put down the combs and use your fingers to distribute the products whilst finger brushing through the curls. 

This technique will keep the curls thicker and less stringy, and also distributes products through the hair, and along the entire hair shaft, rather than concentrated around the top of the head, which is where most tend to focus. 


Master Finger Coiling 

Finger coiling is a great method to create curls. Always try to coil as loose to the root as possible. This method takes a little time but has the best results. 


The Scrunch 

If you don’t have time to finger coil, scrunching the hair is an important and excellent method as it encourages the hair to form big bouncy curls. It’s important to ‘scrunch’ when the hair is damp and you’ve applied your styling products to help the curl form. 


Make Friends With Your Diffuser 

The diffuser attachment for your hairdryer is about to become your new BFF. Tip your head upside down to dry with the diffuser. Once your hair is dry you can go back to the ‘scrunch’ to help remove any cruchiness that can form when using mousse or other curl-holding products. 


Touch Ups 

Using your curling barrel, curl the hair along the parting and around the front of the face. Randomly choose sections of hair to help blend in with your natural curls. 


Keep Your Curls Fresh For Longer 

Sleep in your SILKE London Hair Wrap every night. 

This protects your curls against frizz and losing formation. A lot of our curly girls choose to tip their hair upside down into a pineapple, then pop their wrap over the top to help protect their curls overnight. Check out some of our SILKE curly girls on our Instagram page


Love, SILKE London!

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