How to Style Your Hair Without Electricity, Heat or Water

Seems impossible? Well, it certainly can be done with our new 100% Silk Heatless Curler. Your ‘cost per curl’ is about to work out lower than ever! 

Without being too doom and gloom, we’re all keeping an eye on those energy bills right now, especially as colder months draw closer. Whilst you can cut small things to bring your usage down, we believe your hairstyling doesn’t need to be one of them! 


Ditch the Tongs...and the Bath Robe Belt

Along with the rest of the world, our team tried endless DIY hair and beauty trends and tips during lockdown, but the one trend has stuck was effortless heatless curls. 

We tried and tested every viral method on TikTok, but our co-founder, Maria Sotiriou, knew there must be a way to create gorgeous heatless curls, minus the damage of abrasive fabrics such as socks and dressing gown belts… Enter the SILKE Heatless Curler!

Made from 100% silk, it not only saves your hair from any damage, it also hydrates whilst you curl. It comes in a pack with a claw clip to hold everything in place up top, and two Hair Ties to secure everything in place. Plus, it’s packaged in a reusable SILKE cosmetic bag that can travel with you again and again! 

So is it true? Blow-dry level curls without electricity, heat or water? Um…YEP


Less Washing, Less Water

We’d also recommend wearing a SILKE Hair Wrap each night post curling to maintain the curls keeping frizz and greasy roots at bay. Plus, by properly styling and maintaining your hair you’ll be able to go much longer between hair washes meaning shorter ‘body only’ showers and less water waste! 


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Love, SILKE xo 

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