This Summer's Top Hair Trends With SILKE London

Easter weekend - done. 

Coachella weekend 1 - done.

Temperatures rising - check. 

This can only mean one thing, Summer is just around the corner! 2022 is already giving us some strong Summer hair trends, so here’s SILKE London’s guide on the trends to note, and how to get the looks! 

Double Braids 


Braids are a Summer staple year after year, but this time around it has an inevitable Y2K twist to match the shift in the fashion tides. These braids are great if you’re conscious about caring for your hair, plus they’re really easy to achieve. @bellahadid nails it every time! 

We would recommend securing your braids with your favorite SILKE Hair Ties to prevent any unnecessary snapping, snagging or split ends. Go for a more subtle look with either Coco or Cleopatra, or edge towards a more fun, Y2K vibe with our jewel or pastel tone options. 




Copper has been lingering around the sidelines of our trend round ups for a while, but finally it’s its time to take a well deserved podium spot; Copper is the colour of the season thanks to Kendall Jenner. 

Making her copper hair debut at Fashion Week earlier this year, Kendall transformed her dark locks and set the tone for a big Summer hair trend. 

Maria, founder of SILKE London says, 

“Whenever you’re booked in for a colour appointment, whether it be for a refresh or complete change, I recommend you wear your SILKE Hair Wrap nightly for a few weeks before. Doing this will increase the porosity of your hair; this means that any colour applied by your colourist will be absorbed into your hair better, making for an overall more beautiful, vibrant and long lasting result!” 

Natural Curls and Texture 


Natural curls and texture are ALWAYS high on the trend charts, just look at them, how could they not be? With more and more education and sharing when it comes to curly hair maintenance, more and more people are learning about their curly hair, how to look after it and therefore loving it like never before. 

The only thing better than natural curls is natural colour too; check out @thetennillelife_ for all the inspiration in that department! 

Your SILKE Hair Wrap is the go-to when it comes to caring for your curls, so pop yours on nightly for minimum effort but maximum results. 


If you spot any more hair trends to note tag us over on Instagram @silkelondon.  

Love, SILKE xo 

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