Hello Smooth Lengths, Bye Bye Humidity!

As temperatures heat up (slowly), Summer is well on its way. But with Summer comes humidity, and with humidity comes frizz! 

First things first, frizz is beautiful and however you choose to wear your hair is your choice. If you are going to spend time in a humid environment it is best to embrace your natural hair. Hair will always absorb moisture in the air but steps can be taken to limit the amount of disruption to your style. And for those days where you want to rock smooth, sleek styling, here are some of the things you can do to achieve a frizz-free look. 


Maria's top tips...

  • Prep hair by doing a weekly oil treatment. This limits the ability of the hair to absorb as much moisture as it would do normally.
  • For hair that has a very light frizz, a light spritz of shine spray is a quick and easy solution.
  • For excessively frizzy hair I would advise a non-alcohol, setting lotion layered with a taming cream. You may need to adjust amounts to meet individual needs.
  • Use hair masks (keratin is good). Leave it in to dry, don’t rise off and don’t comb. Once it sets and dries, add a little serum or shine spray.
  • Always use anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner. They should preferably contain natural oils.
  • Avoid products that contain alcohol.
  • Keep water temperature tepid
  • Use coiling cream, mouse with a flexi hold. Separate out large hair sections, coil for curls. For waves run fingers through thick individual hair sections. Leave to dry naturally without disturbing.
  • Plaiting hair looks great and will deliver a good solution to reduce frizz. Plaiting hair when it is 95% dry with flexi-hold cream/spray is advised. If the hair is any wetter it will not dry and once unplaited it will not hold its style, so frizz will occur.

Wear your SILKE London Hair Wrap

Worn nightly the SILKE Hair Wrap works wonders on all the contributing factors to frizz. Specifically...

  • Creates a physical barrier between the abrasive fabrics your hair comes into contact with (e.g your cotton pillow case, or sofa cushions.)
  • Cocoons your hair in 100% pure mulberry silk overnight, ensuring that the natural oils produced by your scalp are distributed evenly from root to tip. That means no more greasy hair days, and the lengths of your hair can enjoy some well needed natural hydration! 
  • Encourages your hair cuticles to lay flat. When they’re disheveled we get the ‘bedhead look'... so flat cuticles will have your hair looking nice and smooth. 
  • Stops damage, split ends and snapping. Did you know the majority of hair breakage happens whilst you sleep? Protecting and treating your hair overnight will make your hair healthier and stronger overall, organically eliminating frizz caused by damage. 


Switch out your regular hair ties for SILKE Hair Ties.

Did you know that regular hair ties are responsible for so much ripping, snapping and snagging mid-way down your lengths?

Harsh abrasive elastic and metal clasps are the main culprits! 

Switching to SILKE Hair Ties which are made from super strong elastic on the inside, and 100% pure mulberry silk on the outside, is a must for healthy hair at any length.

The goal of the SILKE Hair Ties is to slip in and out of your hair, as many times as you’d like, undetected. No kinks, no damage and no tugging!

They’re also the perfect way to get that hair off your neck and enjoy a cooler, Summer friendly, style. PS: They look just as chic on your wrist as they do on your hair ;)

Love, SILKE x

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