Holidays Are Comin’

In the voices of The Kingdom Choir, ‘Holidays Are Comin’!’. Whether you’re super organised or work better under pressure, now’s the time to start thinking about those Christmas gifts for your all important loved ones. 

Here at SILKE London we give the gift of great hair, not just at Christmas, but all year round! 

Our Hair Wraps and Hair Ties are a winning gift for just about anyone with hair. 


The Hair Wrap - a slice of luxury whilst you relax, unwind and snooze.

Did you know we spend a third of our lives in bed? Why not make it count. 

Our SILKE Hair Wraps are made here in the UK from 100% mulberry silk. Silk has amazing natural properties which can improve the strength, health and shine of your hair when cocooned in it nightly. It also helps promote hair growth and a healthy scalp; what more could you wish for? 

The Hair Wrap comes in 11 different colours, so no matter your style, there will be one to suit you or your loved one. 

We also pack each and every one of our SILKE products like a gift, so whether you buy for yourself or for someone special, it’ll always feel like the ultimate treat when you unbox it! 

The Hair Ties - just as perfect in your up-do as they are on your wrist. 

One of the easiest ways to switch up your hair routine to ensure you’re not causing any unnecessary snapping, snagging and breakage, is to switch to the SILKE Hair Ties. It’s so simple and easy and we promise your hair will love you for it! 

Regular hair ties are infamous for their harsh elastic exterior and metal clasps; both a nightmare for your hair. 

Our Hair Ties are made from a super strong elastic, enclosed in 100% pure mulberry silk, with a matching silk clasp. They’re designed to hold any up-do in place for as long as you need, but the minute you’re ready to slide the Hair Tie out of your hair you can do so seamlessly with no damage, pulling or kinks. 

They’re available in a range of colours from pastels and classics, to brights, so again no matter your style, we’ve got the perfect pack for you. 

Make sure that perfect SILKE London package arrives on your doorstep in time for Christmas - Check out your region's delivery dates below. 

When you or your loved one unbox those brand new SILKE goodies on Christmas morning don’t forget to show us and tag @silkelondon - we LOVE to see our products out in the world, especially under the Christmas tree! 

Love, SILKE xo

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