How To Create The Perfect Beach Waves

Our Founder, Maria, knows a thing or two about hair styling. She’s been a pro in the hair industry for 30+ years and has picked up and developed some of the best tips and tricks! Thankfully she’s on hand to share with you everything she’s got on beach waves! 


Things to consider before you begin…

Maria’s top tips: “It’s important to consider your natural hair type and whether you want to use heated tools, or not, before you get started. Whichever route you choose, I’d always recommend putting your effort into the initial styling, then work on making it last. The key is to style correctly first, and not have to restyle over and over again. Restyling, especially with heated tools, is going to damage your hair unnecessarily, so getting it right first time around is also better for your hair’s health” 


Start with the part…

“A centre parting works best for a beach wave look” says Maria. She’s on Gen Z’s side when it comes to beach wave styling, sorry millennials! “Picking a parting and sticking with it for the duration of your beach waves styling will ensure that you aren’t touching and moving your hair around throughout the day. Brushing your hair from one side to the other, or back and forth, with your hands is a fast track way to get greasy hair when you don’t want it.” 


Then we blow-dry…

For those with frizzy/curly hair to achieve this look you will need to blow-dry first. Its time to start styling. First things first on Maria’s list, "heat protection!”

"Once you’ve completed your blow-dry, keeping the roots as flat and smooth as possible apply a light amount of smoothing serum which will keep a soft flexible  texture to the hair."


To tool, or not to tool?

If you choose to use a heated tool, Maria says, 

“Apply  your heat protection, then take thick vertical sections around 1inch in width, and starting at the nape of the neck begin to tong away from the face. Make sure to start your waves 2inches down from the root, and only use a medium heat setting if possible. To finish up shake out waves, add some texturizing spray to give volume whilst deconstructing the waves and adding volume. A little smoothing serum to ends if needed.” 


If you choose the ‘no tool’ option, 

“Blow-dried, straight or wavy hair, add texture spray evenly throughout your hair. Part the hair down the centre creating two halves, then halve again at the ears to make quarters. Braid each section, finish with a SILKE London Hair Tie to avoid damage. Then, blow some warm air downwards over the braids and cocoon in your SILKE London Hair Wrap overnight. Come morning, take out your braids, add a little more texturising spray and you’re good to go."


Go the distance… 

Maria recommends using the SILKE London Hair Wrap nightly to maintain your style, without having to restyle for as many days as possible. “It’s a good idea to use the style you’ve created as a base, and as the days go by create slightly different looks. My favourite is adding accessories such as clips or scarves, then moving into up-dos for the final few days.” 


If you try out Maria’s tips we’d love to see the results. Tag us @silkelondon over on Instagram

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