How to Make Your Blow-Out Last 7 Days.

One of the biggest benefits our fans of the SILKE Hair Wrap are obsessed with is the way it prolongs the life of blow-dries and lengthens the time between hair washes. Because, who doesn't want that in their life? Save time - check. Save damage - check. Wake up looking like you've had your hair freshly blown out? check check check.

We’ve put together six top tips that you can easily inject into your hair regime, not only to save your hair but to prolong your blowdry beyond your wildest dreams.

Fight the night terrors.

Typically, when you go to sleep, your hair is faced with friction and moisture absorption from your bed linen that roughs up your cuticles to cause frizz, matting, tangling and most annoyingly, damage. The SILKE Hair Wrap is made of 100% pure silk, a remarkable material that completely protects your hair against this nightly damage. Your hair glides against the smooth silk ensuring the cuticles remain flat as they were post-fresh blowdry, this is the optimum position for them to reflect light and shine.

Even if your blow-dry wasn’t up to scratch, the hair wrap will actually help to smooth down any cuticles so your mane is even glossier on day 2!

Greasy hair? THIS is for YOU.

Make wise selections.

Greasy hair is often caused by washing the hair incorrectly, which includes using the wrong shampoos. When it comes to buying a shampoo always buy the prescribed product from your salon or stylist. Yes, it’s an investment but you’ll actually find yourself washing your hair less saving yourself a whole load of time.

Focus your efforts.

Usually we’ll focus on the top of the head when shampooing when actually we need to concentrate on the front and the back of the head. The dirtiest areas are at the nape of the neck and behind the ears! Use your fingertips only and avoid making contact between your nails and scalp. Scratching your scalp can damage the follicles and that’s what you want to avoid.

Grease = GOOD*. (*If you're a SILKE convert)

Use the SILKE Hair Wrap to make greasy hair work to your advantage. When your locks are fully encased in the wrap the mid lengths and tips will come into contact with the roots and scalp (which wouldn't usually be the case when sprawled across your pillow). This means the natural oil your skin produces can be distributed along the full length of the hair rather than remaining concentrated on the scalp.

Hello fewer greasy hair days!

Go the distance. (How to last past day 4)

You’ve reached day 4 of not washing your hair but now your blowdry is starting to look a little greasy..

Go asymmetrical - asymmetrical partings are the best when distracting from greasy hair.

Why not rock braids, grease is actually favourable when braiding as the hair will stay in place better.

OR, just go with it, apply wax at the mid-lengths to tips and comb through. A slicked back pony or full slicked back lengths worn down looks amazing when styled in this way.  

Your new shampoo mantra: Once a week. Once a week. Once a week.

Utilising all these hacks means you should only have to wash your hair once a week and honestly, you don’t need to do it any more than that. Once you’ve been putting your SILKE Hair Wrap to work for 6 weeks the results will speak for themselves. Thick of coarse hair? 10 days for you. We've got the reviews to prove it ;)

Trust in our tips and start making plans for all that extra time you’ll have. The only down side is not have the ‘I’m washing my hair’ excuse anymore...

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