Long Haul Hair, Long Haul Damage?

Each time the season changes, we find ourselves warning our clients of the same things - heating, air con and drastic changes in the weather wreaks havoc on your strands.

Concentrate those damaging elements in a sealed metal tube for 2+ hours and you've got yourself ...plane hair (*screams*). Long haul flights can inflict long haul damage, but luckily, we are here for you.

A mid-flight sheet mask is becoming the norm, so why leave your hair out?

Resting your head against an abrasive nylon seat (that goes even for you, our first class honeys) in a plane cabin full of stale, recycled air is a recipe for dryness, breakage, frizz and need we say, disaster hair. And who wants to start their holiday with disaster hair? Not you. Cocooning your hair in your SILKE Wrap in-flight ensures that your hair will only come into contact with the smoothing, hydrating, anti-frizz fabric.

Name us a better barrier than 100% silk…

We all know that air con and heating will dehydrate your hair, skin and scalp.

And loading dry hair with serums once you arrive at your destination will only mask the issue, they'll also leave you looking and feeling prettttty greasy. Yuck. The less products needed the better on holiday (especially if you are a hand luggage only kinda’ traveller, holla @ our budget airline gals). Your SILKE Hair Wrap protects your hair from any damage caused by the hot and cold recycled air, and once you take it off, your hair will feel conditioned from root to tip! Zero effort hair treatment up in the clouds? Yes please.  

A treat yo'self moment that will last more than a moment...

Next step, treat yourself to a fancy blow-dry on the day of your trip, and then slip your SILKE Hair Wrap on for the duration. Not only will you be the most glamorous person on the plane, but when you remove your Wrap…you will look and feel as if you have stepped straight out of the salon. 

Beef Jerky?

Bonus tip: we recommend upping your protein intake the week before you fly (your hair is made from protein!), and making sure you are sticking to your 8+ glasses of water a day to keep yourself hydrated. This gives your hair a head start in resilience before you start your journey.

Pack it up, pack it in. 

So, along-side your kindle and travel socks, be sure to pack your SILKE Hair Wrap. Night-time AND flight-time essential.



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