How to Look After + Improve Your Hair... at Home

If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that it’s prime time to really give yourself, and your hair, that TLC it deserves. 

SILKE London, and our range of innovative products made from 100% mulberry silk, are all about minimising your routine whilst maximising results! 

SILKE Hair Wrap - For Bedtime, Or For Lounging...

Super easy to slip on and off whether you’re wrapping your hair for bedtime, or giving your tresses some love as you relax on the sofa. 

- No more frizz, breakages or split ends

100% mulberry silk is renowned for protecting hair cuticles against the damage of abrasive and moisture absorbing fabrics like cotton bed linens!

- No more dry, brittle hair

Silk has the very special ability to fight dryness from both cold weather and central heating - the wrap distributes the scalps natural oils from root to tip, keeping your locks hydrated and full of much needed moisture

- No more unnecessary restyling

For our natural, and hair extension loving girls, worn nightly, hair glides against the 100% silk, smoothing hair cuticles to eliminate any existing frizz and prevent tangling and matting, so hair remains sleek and shiny. Preserving and improving your blow-out overnight like magic! 



SILKE Hair Ties - Tie your hair up without a care...

Elastic hair bands are infamous for snapping and pulling your hair out, yet specifically at home, we are quick to throw them in our tresses regardless of the tangled tug-of-war aftermath!

- No more tangling, tugging or snapping

Our SILKE Hair Ties have a 100% pure silk exterior which glides against the hair, preventing friction, damage and snapping. And with no metal clasps, there is zero tugging.

- No more kinks

The 100% mulberry silk also fights against extreme kinks, so you can switch your hair up to down as many times as you like.

-Colours good enough to eat

Giving yourself, and your hair options, is always a good idea... even at home. The SILKE Hair Ties look just as gorgeous on your wrist as they do in your ponytail. Hello arm candy during Zoom calls!

Love, SILKE x

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