Maria's Top Winter Hair Care Tips

The Winter months can be a tough time for your hair, and much like your skin, it needs a little adjustment to avoid looking lacklustre whilst braving colder conditions. 

Maria Sotiriou, Founder of SILKE London and professional hairdresser with 30+ years of experience, has put together her top tips and tricks to help your hair to thrive this Winter. 


“Wash your hair once a week”

During the Winter time your hair really doesn’t need any more than that. Once you’ve completed your weekly hair wash and blowdry, use your SILKE Hair Wrap nightly to prolong the life of your favourite styling. 


“Invest in your hair care” 

Good quality, professional products are a must. Cost will balance out as you will need far less products because you’re washing your hair once a week. 

“I strongly advise using quality products on your hair, it’s just as important as your skin and it is an investment.” 


“Be gentle with your blowdry” 

Stick to air drying, or a gentle blow dry with a boar hair brush. Wearing the SILKE Hair Wrap every night can massively improve your natural hair texture by getting rid of frizz and unwanted damage. For those who couldn’t air dry before, it can become an option by adding the Hair Wrap into your routine. 


“Be strategic with colour placement” 

If you have coloured hair, have the colour run through to the ends rather than all over. This will help reduce porosity and add more shine.


“It’s all in the oils” 

Every two weeks before you shampoo, warm up your hair with your blow dryer and apply oil to the scalp and lengths. Then you want to give it a good massage before leaving it on for an hour; it feels just as good as it is for your hair. Hello, self care! 

Once your hour is up, double shampoo, rinse and towel dry. Maria’s personal favourites are olive, almond or coconut oils. 


“Always use a heat protector” 

Just as you would with your skin, you need to protect your hair from any heat. A nice lightweight heat protection spray is a must for your weekly blow dry. 


“Avoid abrasive fabrics” 

The lengths of your hair often get trapped in high neck knits, scarves and coat hoods, which can cause unnecessary snapping and snagging. Tie your hair up with a SILKE Hair Tie to keep it out of harm's way during the day. 


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Love, SILKE x

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