The Best Hair Trends To Rock This Festive Season

Party season is well and truly under way and while everyone's sporting sequins and sparkles, choosing the right hairstyle can be the thing to really turn heads. Without further ado, let us do the work for you in finding the right look.


Wet Look Finger Waves 

Simone Ashley at the BFA’s, hair by Peter Lux (@peterluxhair), is the only reference you need for this look; the perfect balance of a classic structured style with a more relaxed final look.

Why not add in a touch of your favourite oil or leave-in product through those lengths and ends?

Pro Tip: To create this look using zero heat, prep your hair with the SILKE Heatless Curler. This will create a beautiful texture ready to impress the crowd.


Mini Braids and Bows 

When it comes to styling new choices or accessories, we’re all about it, just make sure it’s mini. 

Jennie from Black Pink has been rocking different combinations of tiny braids and bows throughout their world tour and now, it’s safe to say, it’s all we want to do with our hair! 

Pro Tip: Wear your SILKE Hair Wrap nightly to ensure your hair is smooth and frizz free. 


Braids and Beads

If you can’t do mega long box braids adorned with beads for party season, then when can you? The stunning Indira Scott is our go-to muse for this look. If you’re opting for braids, especially with that extra length, it’s more important than ever to protect them from any abrasive fabrics and environmental factors to keep them looking fresh. 

Pro Tip: In cold weather wear your SILKE Hair Wrap under your hat, that way you can protect your scalp and braids even when you’re out and about! 


The Big Bouncy Blow-Out

Yes, we’re all obsessed with Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’, but even more so with its star, Jenna Ortega. Whether you’re channelling the style this holiday season, we’re loving this big bouncy, glamorous, blow-dry she’s rocking.

Getting that ‘fresh out the salon’ look and feel has never been easier. Simply use your SILKE Heatless Curler for a few hours overnight, take it out and you’re ready to go.

Pro Tip: Finish up the look with a light spritz of your favourite finishing spray and you’ll be looking and feeling glam all night/day long. 


Let us know which party looks you’re loving for the festive season over on Instagram and TikTok - @silkelondon

Love, SILKE xo 

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