Show Your/Their Hair Some Love This Valentine’s Day...

Whether it’s your partner, gal pal, family or your own mane; all locks deserve love, especially on Valentine’s Day. 

Here’s why a SILKE Hair Wrap, or pack of SILKE Hair Ties, is the perfect gift for anyone in your life. 


  • Oh so LUXE: Everything about SILKE London is luxurious and super high quality, so even if you’re buying for yourself, it’s a treat every time! 
  • You’re going to get your use out of it: You know what they say, ‘price per wear’! Our Hair Ties sit on your wrist, hold your up-do’s all day long and are there in times of need (that's why there's 6 in every pack). The Hair Wrap is designed to be worn nightly and consistently! So these aren’t things that get cast into a draw, never to be seen again...
  • It's all about LOVE: Here at SILKE London, we are all about loving your hair, and encouraging you to do the same. That's why we combine our expert knowledge and centuries of hair care secrets to develop products that wholly and without exception respect, protect and improve the architecture of your hair, so it looks amazing, regardless of how you choose to style it.  Love is in the h(air), for real!
  • The gift of GREAT HAIR is the greatest gift of all: Who doesn’t want super easy to manage, swish-worthy hair every morning with minimal effort...Need we say any more?


As well as each and every package looking and feeling super giftable, at SILKE London we also care about making sustainable choices. Easiest way to cut back on plastic usage and waste? Use less products, duh!

The SILKE Hair Wrap does the job of approx. 5 different hair products, which would each come in its own tub, bottle or aerosol can. Choosing SILKE means less waste, less plastic, less chemicals, and far better hair.

We use minimal plastic in our packaging process (due to the nature of our hair care products and under hygiene regulations, we still have to use a little) and all of our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Making this small change to your and your loved ones' everyday routine will reduce the footprint you leave behind all whilst giving you the best hair of your life!


SILKE London x

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