Silk vs. Satin: Which should you be taking to bed?

Spoiler, there's no competition.


When it comes to protecting your hair overnight you want to be sure you’re opting for the best fabric, which therefore, will give you the best results! Let’s break it down… 


What’s the deal with satin?

Satin is often used as a cheap alternative to silk. It’s created using a mix of fabrics in a synthetic weave. It’s a non-breathable fabric which can cause heat, making you uncomfortable and sweaty, especially on those hot summer nights! Not the best idea if it’s those greasy roots you’re trying to avoid.

So what does that mean for your hair? 

Much like your cotton pillowcase, satin is an absorbent fabric. This means that it will strip your hair and scalp of its natural oils, making your hair dry, brittle and more prone to damage overtime. 

One of the key benefits to wrapping your hair is to create a physical barrier between your luscious locks and your cotton pillowcase. Why? To prevent the snapping and breakage caused by friction between our hair and pillows whilst we sleep. 


Switching to silk...

In comparison, silk is a totally smooth, 100% natural fiber. It’s a breathable fabric which keeps you cool and makes for a more comfortable, wearable experience in all climates. 100% silk is non-absorbent, which also allows your scalp and lengths to nourish themselves utilising the oils naturally produced at your scalp. 

Usually the oils would remain on the scalp and build up over time, causing greasy roots and dry ends, but thanks to the natural properties of silk the oils can instead be evenly distributed along your lengths – hello hydration! 

As a non-abrasive or absorbant fabric, silk also encourages your hair cuticles to lay flat, meaning no unwanted frizz, or bedhead come morning. 


Whilst silk is a bigger financial investment it truly is worth the cost when it comes to the benefit for your hair. Good quality silk will also stand the test of time, so price per wear practically cancels itself out.  

Learn more about the benefits of silk and why it works with each one of our products to improve the health of your hair! 

Love, SILKE xo 

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