SILKE London says, ‘Oh Hello Summer!’

It’s finally heating up around here and we can all agree that we’re ready to officially welcome Summer...

To celebrate the new season, we have put together our top hair tips to live by as we transition into the warmer months.

Say ‘no’ to frizz… 

Frizz is born from ruffled hair cuticles and damage along your lengths. To stop it in its tracks you’ll need to cocoon your hair nightly with SILKE London's 100% mulberry silk Hair Wrap to ensure your cuticles lay flat, and any damaged lengths are fully hydrated come morning.

Not only does this instantly reward you with smoother locks, but it’ll also result in repair to long term damage over time. 

SILKE's Founder, Maria Sotiriou, says, 

“Wearing your SILKE Hair Wrap over dry hair whilst you’re out in the sunshine, or hot humid weather, is a natural way of keeping hair supple and hydrated. This method allows hair cuticles to lay flat and shiny, removing frizz from the hair.” 

Keep UVA + UVB rays at bay… 

Just as SPF is important for blocking the effects of the sun's rays on your skin, you’ll need protection for your hair too. When exposed to the sun your hair can age, just like skin! 

Wearing a SILKE Hair Wrap when you’re out and about in the sunshine has two major benefits; the first is that it acts as a physical barrier between sun rays and your hair. And secondly, it keeps your hair super hydrated and neatly cocooned, so you don’t have to deal with dry, tangled lengths at the end of the day. 

Beach to bar has never been easier! 

Treat your hair to some aftercare… 

Forgot to wear your Hair Wrap during the day? You’re definitely going to need to pop it on at night. The SILKE Hair Wrap is the perfect aftercare for sun damaged hair. 

Cocooning your hair ensures that the natural oil produced from your scalp is evenly distributed from your roots, all the way to those dry ends, repairing damage and giving your mane the boost of natural moisture it’ll be craving. 

If holidaying on a beach or by the pool, don’t wash hair! Rinse only, then apply plenty of leave-in conditioner and then serum, if needed. Leave hair to dry naturally then the next day apply hair sun protection cream or spray. The idea is to have a heavy layering of treatments/masks on the hair continuously, leaving it to air dry. 

Bye, bye to that hotel pillow…

Thinking of going away this year (fingers crossed)? Make sure you enjoy all of your holiday rest without sacrificing your hair’s health to abrasive hotel pillows. Fabrics such as cotton and satin actively damage our hair whilst we sleep and leave us with unwanted bedhead, split ends and dry locks come morning. 

Whether you’re on a plane, lounging or tucked away in bed, pop on a SILKE Hair Wrap to protect your hair from unnecessary woes. 

Summer styling goes the distance… 

Who wants to be sitting under a hairdryer in the heat - not us that’s for sure! 

Once you’ve washed and blow-dried your hair make sure that hard work goes the distance. Maria says, 

“Make a conscious effort to try and not wash your hair more than once a week. Switch to a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, add a leave-in conditioner and incorporate a weekly mask or oil treatment into your routine. Your hair cuticles are more dehydrated during the hotter months, so the hair shaft will be extra receptive to treatments, oils and masks. Applying these weekly will have a positive long term effect on the health of your hair.”

Wrapping your hair nightly will ensure that your style sticks around for day 3, 4, 5, and beyond.  

This also prevents oil build up at the root as well as perfectly holding the shape of your desired style, without the use of heated tools.

Top tip: twist your hair into a loose bun at the crown of your head before placing the Hair Wrap on top. This will make sure your hair silky, smooth and voluminous when you wake up. 

Love, SILKE 

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