Whilst we’re all staying indoors, why not give your hair a little loving? You really can transform the health of your hair, right now! Because with our SILKE Hair Wrap it’s never been easier.

We spend a third of our lives in bed - why not make it count?

  • PROTECT AGAINST NIGHTLY DAMAGE | Worn nightly...or daily, hair cuticles glide smoothly against the soft silk material, preventing the abrasive movements that cause frizz, breakages and split ends. Perfect for time spent on the couch, or in bed.
  • CONDITION NATURALLY OVERNIGHT | Hello hydration! The Hair Wrap cocoons hair which guards your scalp’s naturally forming oils so they can be spread evenly from root to tip, balancing oil roots and dry ends to naturally nourish your tresses.
  • WASH LESS, STYLE LESS (save time AND the planet) | Wearing your SILKE Hair Wrap each night means that greasy hair days are few and far between, halving your hair washing and styling routine. Using less water, and electricity from plugging your hair dryer and styling tools in too. Every little helps! Great for the hair, great for the planet.
  • MINIMISE USE OF WET PRODUCTS (and save $$$) | As well as the planet, SILKE also helps the purse strings. Once you've invested in a SILKE Hair Wrap, you will buy, use and throw away less bottles of hair products (saving yourself some serious $$$). Considering the multitude of benefits the SILKE Hair Wrap delivers to your hair and the number of different wet hair products you would need, (with far shorter replacement periods!), to replicate these benefits, the wrap has a very low price per wear! Cha-ching.
  • CUT THE CRAP – save the ocean | SILKE cuts out the crap. For your hair that means an overnight fix that is as effortless as it is transformative. For the environment it means minimising your usage of wet hair products (you end up using less non-biodegradable silicone oils). These oils (sneakily) turn up in so many hair products. When these products are washed off your hair, the silicone oils are going from down the drain directly into our oceans, where they are unable to break down and harm sea-life. 


And when you’re not lounging in your luxurious, 100% pure silk Hair Wrap, it’s time for the SILKE Hair Ties to take over...

  • No damage. Handcrafted, our luxurious Hair Ties have a 100% pure silk exterior which glides against hair, preventing friction and eliminating kinks, breakages and split-ends.
  • No tugging. Silky smooth and with no clasps means no tugging. So putting your hair up won’t mean pulling out your hair as you let it back down.
  • No kinks. 100% silk prevents kinks, so you can switch from a high pony to letting it loose easily. 
  • The ultimate arm candy. Of course they look just as good on your wrist as they do in your hair! 

Hair care has never been easier.

Love, SILKE x

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