Step into Spring with SILKE!

To transition into a glorious Summer, we must first endure a few Spring time, April showers... Otherwise known as ‘transition season’.

Nothing stops a good hair day like a downpour, or aggressive wind. But no need to worry, SILKE are on hand with the best pro tips to manage transition season weather... before, during and after. 

Before: it’s all in the prep!

Use your SILKE Hair Wrap each and every night to decrease frizz and allow the natural oils produced by your scalp to be distributed evenly, sealing those broken or dry ends. The better health and strength your hair has, the more resistant it’ll be against bad weather. 

Top Tip: Wrapping your hair can help hold onto your styling. 

Wrapping your hair into a loose bun before popping the Hair Wrap on creates gorgeous texture. In the morning you simply whip it off and you’re ready to go... No need to reach for the styling tools! 

During: let’s face the bad weather together. 

Our Founder, Maria Sotiriou, often wears her SILKE Hair Wrap under a hat, or even rocks it solo as a stylish turban look beneath her umbrella. This is the perfect way to conceal your freshly blow-dried locks from bad weather, and even days later. 

Top tip: The SILKE London Hair Wrap prolongs the life of your blowdry 

Greasy roots can pull the hair down, making it flat and lifeless. As the Hair Wrap distributes this oil throughout the mids and ends of your locks, there’s no oil build up at the root, meaning no greasy hair. 

You can continue to enjoy lightweight bouncy volume for day 3, 4 + 5. 

After: the bit you’re all interested in… 

If you’re unfortunate enough to end up all frizzy after getting caught in a rain shower, cocooning your hair in the 100% pure silk Hair Wrap overnight will realign your hair cuticles. Smoothing them and ensuring they lay down nice and flat. Frizz is now eliminated and your cuticles can reflect light and shine! 

Wake up with no evidence that you were caught in a shower, without having to re-wash and blow-dry your hair, come morning. 

Top tip: protect yourself against abrasive fabrics. 

The Hair Wrap does for your hair, what a silk pillowcase does for your skin. Cocooning your hair in 100% silk protects your cuticles from rubbing against abrasive fabrics... (Cotton pillows and sofa cushions, we’re looking at you!)

And finally, if all else fails, grab a pack of our Hair Ties and don an up-do, guaranteed to fight the elements. 

Our SILKE Hair Ties are crafted of super strength elastic wrapped in seamless 100% pure silk (not one damaging metal clasp in sight!). So your locks are just as snap and kink-free when you take them down, as when you put them up. 

Love, SILKE x

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