The Season for Gifting!

Whether that’s a stocking filler, secret Santa or a gift ‘from me, to me'...the gift of great hair care just keeps on giving.

Our two innovative products, the SILKE Hair Wrap and SILKE Hair Ties, are designed to provide maximum results with minimum effort. Their truly transformative benefits are a gift that your chosen receiver deserves to enjoy, but maybe didn’t know they needed! 


Statistics show that we spend on average 230,000 hours sleeping, that’s one third of our lives.. So why not make it count? 

Our Hair Wraps are made from 100% pure silk, curated to cocoon your hair whilst you sleep (or whilst you lounge, whilst you travel, whilst you sunbathe...)

Cocooning your hair in silk, versus other materials, has many natural benefits. Ready for a fact check? 

  • Worn nightly, hair cuticles glide smoothly against the soft silk material, preventing the abrasive movements that cause frizz, breakages and split ends. 
  • It guards your scalp’s naturally forming oils so they can be spread evenly from root to tip, balancing oil roots and dry ends to naturally nourish your tresses. Hello hydration! 
  • Greasy hair days are few and far between, halving your hair washing and styling routine. Using less water, and electricity from plugging your hair dryer and styling tools in too. Every little helps!
  • Increase your hair length and thickness. Hair is protected in the Anagen (growing) phase, providing new and existing hair with the best environment to grow faster. 
  • Maintain your hairstyle for longer. Hello, third, fourth and fifth day hair! 
  • Save time in the mornings spent restyling 
  • Reduces hair loss 

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A simple switch from regular hair ties to 100% silk hair ties can transform your hair’s health. Our Hair Ties are made from super strong elastic encased with 100% pure silk; no abrasive materials, no metal clasps! 

We all know the infamous dread of bringing down that updo after a long day, but during festive season and a swift sashay into the New Year, we need our Hair Ties to put in some work and have our backs. After wearing the SILKE Hair Ties you can take your hair down with no kinks, no tugging, no snapping and zero damage; desk to dancefloor has never been so seamless. 

Oh and another thing...they’re super luxe and look good enough to eat, so for the fashion conscious our Hair Ties look just as good worn on the wrist than they do in your hair. 

Who doesn’t love some arm candy? 

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Let’s not forget, here at SILKE London we believe that each and every Hair Wrap and Hair Tie, whether it’s a gift for someone you love or for yourself, should feel like a gift each and every time. As well as being super giftable at SILKE London we also care about making sustainable choices. Easiest way to cut back on plastic usage and waste? Use less products, duh!

The SILKE Hair Wrap does the job of approx. 5 different hair products, which would each come in its own tub, bottle or aerosol can. Choosing SILKE means less waste, less plastic, less chemicals, and far better hair. 

We use minimal plastic in our packaging process (due to the nature of our hair care products and under hygiene regulations, we still have to use a little) and all of our packaging is 100% recyclable. 

Making this small change to your everyday routine will reduce the footprint you leave behind all whilst giving you the best hair of your life.



Want to make the most giftable hair care...even more giftable? Add this pink-on-red (finished off with a big bow and a 'from-to'card) gift wrap box to any order!

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