How to Prep & Protect Your Coloured Hair

Summer is the season for colour! So, we’ve asked our founder, Maria Sotiriou, to share her expert opinion on why you should be using your SILKE Hair Wrap to make sure you get the most out of your appointment and hold onto your colour! 



“By using the SILKE Hair Wrap you’re hydrating your hair from root to tip. By ensuring that moisture is locked into the hair you can guarantee that your hair cuticles are laying down smoothly, and in doing so, protecting the hair from damage. This is the optimum state your hair can be in pre-colour appointment!” 


At the salon

“When colour is applied to hydrated, healthy hair it will penetrate the hair shaft and is able to be distributed evenly. If your hair is dry and damaged there’s usually no pockets of porous areas which will end up in a patchy, inconsistent finished look.

If a SILKE Hair Wrap is not worn and the hair is dehydrated, the cuticles will be raised and won’t be supple enough to lock in hydration to protect the hair. Colour will enter the hair shaft and will start to be absorbed instantly making distribution far less even. 

Your stylist will also end up using more product because of dehydration, and that product will end up falling out again even after one wash as your hair can’t retain it. Dry, uneven colour that fades super quickly and compromised hair will be the result.”



“Continuing to use the SILKE Hair Wrap post colour-treatment will ensure a maximum retention of colour. The Hair Wrap assists your hair and scalp to make sure the scalp's natural oils are distributed evenly, hydrating the hair all the way down to those ends. This makes for moisturised, smooth and supple hair cuticles which creates that luscious, ‘straight out the salon’ look for your hair colour. 

Retention of colour will also be at its absolute maximum, so you can hold off that unwanted fade for longer!”


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Love, SILKE xo

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