What summer beauty secret do all these celebs have in common? . . .

Ding ding ding: Hair Wrapping.

Watching these beautiful celebs frolic on idyllic beaches with their hair effortlessly tousled into head scarves and turbans, you may have been fooled into thinking this was just another fashion statement.

Wrong. Whilst of course they look as perfectly insta-ready as ever, these women know exactly how to keep their hair looking its swishy, shiny, hair-flick best, and the secret lies in the Hair Wrap. If Queen B, bad gal Riri, and angel Candice can have their best hair day every day this summer, then we think you should too.

So here's everything you need to know to achieve your #HairGoals this summer...

The Sun & Your Hair: Overexposure to the sun changes the color, texture and look of your hair. UV-damage causes extreme stress to your locks, leading to detrimental dryness, breakages and split ends. The sun, heat and humidity of your summer holiday climes also makes hair harder to style and even harder to maintain your style, so you waste valuable cocktail hours restyling your hair again and again!

SILKE, Your Summer Hair Hero by day: The SILKE Hair Wrap protects your hair from damage caused by harsh UV-rays whilst simultaneously naturally conditioning your locks, so you won't have to deal with an unwanted colour change or dry, coarse and frizzy hair after a day at the beach.

SILKE, Your Summer Hair Hero by night: Worn nightly, you hair cuticles glide smoothly against the 100% silk cocoon, eliminating the friction that would otherwise cause detrimental damage, breakages and split ends to sun exposed hair. The hair wrap works to repair and recondition hair whilst you sleep, locking in moisture whilst preserving your hairstyle overnight, so you wake up frizz and bed head free each morning!

So no need to pack the oil, mousse, straighteners, sprays and kitchen sink, SILKE's got you covered.

Shop The SILKE Hair Wrap now.

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