How To Cure Your 'Hair Hangover' with SILKE

Winter is the season of over-styling, hat wearing, scarf rubbing, turtleneck tucking, colder weather and central heating; all a nightmare for your hair!  

It’s time to cure your hair’s Winter hangover with a little help from SILKE.  


SILKE’s co-founder, Maria Sotiriou, is a pro hairdresser with over 30 years of experience; her tips are gospel...

1. Wear your SILKE Hair Wrap underneath your hat to protect your hair from frizz.

Did you know that the majority of the damage happening to your hair happens at night when it’s rubbing against abrasive fabrics like cotton pillows? Even if you’re wearing your Hair Wrap nightly to protect your hair whilst you sleep, items such as hats, scarves, sofas, turtle necks will have the same effect; unwanted frizz. By wearing your Hair Wrap under your hat, you’re protecting your hair whilst staying cosy!


2. Protect your hair from sweaters, scarves and coats with a SILKE Hair Tie.

If you can’t protect your hair with a Hair Wrap, sweep it up and out of the way! The 100% mulberry silk Hair Ties ensure that your hair is protected from snapping, snagging and kinks that regular hair bands cause.  


3. Regular trims every 6-8 weeks.

We hear this one time and time again, but it’s a golden rule. Get rid of those dry, split ends and the rest of your hair will thank you!  


4. Boost your hair’s hydration with a mask once a week.

Your scalp’s natural oils can do wonders for drier lengths, but a weekly mask can really give your hair that extra boost it needs - especially during the colder months when it’s lacking in moisture.  


5. Hold back on the heat.

After a festive season filled with styling, and re-styling, give your hair a break from heat and styling products with the SILKE Heatless Curler. Going easy on the heat doesn’t mean lack of styling, you can achieve gorgeous ‘fresh out the salon curls’ by sleeping in the Heatless Curler; it couldn’t be easier!  


For more tips from Maria head over to @silkelondon on Instagram and TikTok 

Let us know which tips you try out.  

Love, SILKE xo  

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