Autumn Hair Trends That Should Be On Your Radar

Transition season is well and truly here, and what comes with a new season? Brand new trends! We’ve put together the most talked about trends predicted to take over this season, so if you don’t know, get to know…

Priscilla Coded

One of the most anticipated movies of the year after Barbie-heimer, ‘Priscilla’ by Sofia Coppola is coming to the big screen this Autumn, and with it, a wave of new trends. 

Priscillia’s signature super dark, super long locks, will certainly have an impact on the Autumn/Winter trends, so if you’re thinking of taking the plunge with your colour or looking to grow your hair out you’re going to need a new hair BFF to help the transition - the SILKE London Hair Wrap. 

Cocooning your hair in 100% mulberry silk will ensure it’s at it’s healthiest which is essential pre-colour appointment, or if you’re looking to grow it out! 


The wrong shoe theory 

We’ve seen ‘the wrong shoe theory’ all over TikTok - the idea that the way to ensure a cool feel to your outfit each and every time is by pairing your clothes with the opposite style of shoe, or ‘the wrong shoes’. This is also going to become a huge trend for your hair! 

Channeling ultimate cool girl energy, Chloe Sevigny, mismatching hair choices with her style is a tried and tested method to get an effortless look every time.

Whatever you choose, we have the tools to help you look after your hair with zero heat, costing you & your hair, no time at all. 


Paint it red

The colour of the season? You guessed it - ‘Red for Autumn, groundbreaking’. 

We’ve seen influencers and celebrities alike starting to make the switch over to shades of red in preparation for the incoming Autumn season. From Megan Fox debuting her bright red bob, Nadia Lee Cohen’s tonal, auburn shade, or Emma Rowen Rose with a super light strawberry blonde look, there’s something for everyone when it comes to this colour palette. 

Wrapping your fresh colour in a SILKE Hair Wrap each and every night will ensure that the natural oil from your scalp is evenly distributed through your lengths, leaving your hair hydrated from root to tip, giving back to your hair’s health after colouring. It also keeps greasy roots at bay so you’ll be able to wash your hair less, keeping the colour you love for even longer! 


The chin grazing bob 

Much like the red hair trend, bob’s are a cut that never seem to go out of style. This year we’re going to see a 20’s twist on this classic. The 20’s style bob is shorter, grazing the cheekbones or chin, and severe - we’re leaving soft, mullet, and shag style cuts behind for this one. 

This isn’t really a ‘wash and go’ style, so when you don’t have time to style your 20’s bob to perfection you can add that touch of glamour, whilst also caring for your hair in another way - the SILKE Hair Wrap. We’re reaching for Esme, Poppy and Sienna; the most perfect, glossy Autumn hues!


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