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Our Story

Inspired by the time-tested traditional hair wrapping methods of her Caribbean heritage, Maria found that wrapping her hair specifically in 100% silk had incredible transformative results.

Our founder, Maria, is a London hairstylist with a reputation for being able to tame the most difficult-to-manage hair. With over 32 years’ experience and every product, treatment and fad at her fingertips she still couldn’t find anything that helped her hair to grow, hold its style or prevent breakage. Permanently.

One morning, while staring desolately at a pillow strewn with broken hair and split ends, it hit her: extreme damage happens when we are most unaware – in our sleep!

It all began to make sense. The breakages, split ends and bed head she was experiencing were the result of abrasive movements of bed linen against her hair cuticles.

As a woman of Mediterranean and Caribbean descent, Maria looked to her roots (no pun intended) sleeping in every type of cap, wrap and material you can think of. Even going to bed that first night with a pair of tights on her head (60 denier 😉 ). . .

Maria discovered that wrapping her hair specifically in 100% silk delivered incredible transformative results. Widely known for its benefits to the skin, why couldn’t it do the same for our hair?

But looking to the haircare market she found there were only very limited bonnet styles typically in synthetic satin for her to choose from. And whilst there were many in the know of the benefits of wrapping hair, there were so many women around her who didn’t.

So that’s when Maria decided to create the SILKE Hair Wrap.

“I want women all around the world to experience that same confidence they feel when they step out of my salon chair, each and every morning.” – Maria Sotiriou

Dedicating years to the careful development of a beautifully designed and chic hair wrap, made of the finest 100% silk, in the perfect fit, weight, elasticity and style so that all women, of all hair types, whether they’ve wrapped their hair before, or want to begin wrapping now, can experience the beauty of their own naturally strong, healthy hair.

A haircare brand that truly cares for your hair.

After seeing and experiencing the transformative effects The SILKE Hair Wrap delivered to so many women, not only to their hair, but also their confidence, Maria’s daughter Christine made the decision to quit her finance career and join forces with her mother in a quest to build a hair care brand in her vision, a hair care brand that truly cares for your hair.

Today, SILKE London follows Maria’s code:

The beauty of your hair depends on it’s health, so we only create products that care for it.

No fads. No damage. No bad stuff.

Each product we create blends Maria’s industry knowledge and age old traditional beauty secrets to give you, every woman, of every hair type, the products and tools you need, to treat your hair with the love and respect it deserves.