The Overnight Hair Hack Your Curls Are Craving

Did you know that you spend a third of your life in bed? And that most unintentional damage to your hair is done whilst you’re asleep?

With over 35 years in the hair industry, our founder, Maria Sotiriou, tried every product and treatment on the market and she couldn’t figure out why her hair was splitting and breaking. After spotting breakage on her pillow and she realised the damage was down to friction against her pillowcase, which led to snapping, split ends, unhappy hair cuticles and frizz. 

She went on to try every method she could to prevent this, but even the bonnets widely available on the market were made from cheap satin fabrics and were causing the same problems.As a result, she went on to create the SILKE London Hair Wrap - a 100% mulberry silk hair wrap that cocoons your hair overnight allowing the natural magic of silk to improve your hair’s health whilst you sleep, all whilst creating a physical barrier against any external damaging factors. 

Say hello to longer, stronger, thicker, frizz-free hair!

Don’t just take it from us - our favourite curly girls @jemilah_ali, @curlykiet @dalmaluna are on hand to show off how they use the SILKE Hair Wrap for their curls. 


Hydration is key!

Girls with more coily hair know the importance of hair hydration. @jemilah_ali takes two SILKE Hair Ties (you can use as many or as little as you need) and wraps them around her curls on the top of her head once before placing the SILKE Hair Wrap over the top. 

Come morning her curls have maintained their hydration and her hair falls in the perfect shape! 


Tame the mane

@__moneyb__ uses a similar method of combining the Hair Wrap and Ties. As she has longer hair than Jemilah she takes the Hair Ties and creates a bubble braid effect down her hair before tucking it into the Hair Wrap. All that’s left to do in the AM is take off the Hair Wrap, take out the Hair Ties, gentle comb and her curls are ready to go.


Evening styling hack

@curlykiet loves using the Hair Wrap and ties to help when she styles her curls in the evening. After she’s styled her hair and it’s set in the gel cast, she uses the SILKE Hair Ties to tie up her curls and the hair wrap you protect. Come morning, her curls are ready to scunch so she can wake up to wash day results. Oh, the luxury!


Zero-damage solutions 

@furss.x shows off all of the ways she can style her curls using the SILKE Hair Ties with very minimal effort - we do love a lazy hair hack! 

The Hair Ties are made from super strong elastic, ready to hold your up-do in place, but they’re encased in the same 100% mulberry silk that we use to make our Hair Wraps. Whilst you’re enjoying your up-do, you can be sure your ties aren’t causing any unnecessary damage to your hair. You can simply slide them in and out without even knowing they were there.

Manage the unmanageable

There’s one thing about us at SILKE London and that’s that we love maximum results with minimal effort. Our Hair Wrap and Hair Ties were created with that ethos in mind. @dalmalaluna shows how the keeps her long, luscious locks in check, to keep wash days few and far between, with her curls looking great day after day…


Show us your curly routine over at @silkelondon on both Instagram and TikTok

Love, SILKE xo 

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