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Article: Keep Your Hair Hydrated Without The Excess Goop!

Keep Your Hair Hydrated Without The Excess Goop!

Keep Your Hair Hydrated Without The Excess Goop!


‘Goop hoarding’ is a thing that exists in the majority of our bathroom cabinets, and we’ve all been especially guilty of it when it comes to hair care. 

Whether it’s purchasing multiple shampoo + conditioner combos to try and find the right one, testing multiple different hair masks, or buying the new hyped hair oil because you saw the gorgeous results on your Tik Tok feed...sometimes it feels like that holy grail product is JUST out of reach. 

Not only does this produce excess product and packaging waste, but we also only have so many hair washes a week so most of those products will sit on your bathroom shelf, untouched, for weeks and months to come! 

This Summer, instead of buying into goop, get yourself a SILKE London Hair Wrap


Our 100% pure silk Hair Wraps are used to cocoon your hair each and every night, costing you minimum effort to get the maximum results for your hair’s needs. 

The Hair Wrap evenly distributes the natural oils produced by your scalp from root to tip, this not only naturally hydrates and nourishes your hair, but it keeps grease build up at the root at bay. 

It also acts as a physical barrier against abrasive fabrics such as cotton pillows, that actively suck the moisture out of your hair causing unwanted damage, breakage and split ends. 


By wearing the Hair Wrap nightly you’re not only protecting your hair from damage, but providing extra nourishment and hydration which promotes healthy, shiny hair and optimum hair growth. 

Not only that, because of the distribution of your scalp's natural oils, you can prolong your blow-dry and styling way beyond what you could have before; most of our Hair Wrap lovers only wash their hair once or twice a week! 

They enjoy less hair washing, less product usage, less heated styling, less water pollution and waste; overall less ‘goop consumption’. 

At SILKE London we’re all about minimum effort and maximum results when it comes to your haircare, so why not keep your ‘goop’ to a minimum and enjoy your best ever hair all year round whilst simultaneously doing your bit for the environment? 

It’s a big ‘YES’ from us!  

Love, SILKE xo

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