Hello hydration! Your Guide to Post-Holiday Hair Has Landed

We all know that ‘post-holiday hair’ feeling; no matter how much you prep your hair to take on the sunshine, there’s no escaping the dryness, particularly through the ends, when you return home.

Luckily, we have the tips to get your hair back on track, with minimal effort of course! 


Book that trim 

First things first, book in that trim when you return from your holiday. It’s an instant refresh for your hair, whether you just want to get rid of those dry ends, or you fancy a complete style switch-up.

Our founder and hair pro, Maria Sotiriou, recommends a trim every 6-8 weeks regardless of your holiday plans - it’s an easy way to stay on top of those split ends, keeping your hair as healthy as possible. 


Happy scalp, happy hair.

Maria recommends a weekly oil treatment, which is even more crucial when your hair’s been subjected to UVA+B rays, chlorine, salt and harsh hotel pillows! 

The day before your hair wash, take your favourite oil treatment and massage it thoroughly into your scalp. Leave it in throughout the day or overnight, then pre-hair wash, warm it up with a blow-dryer and indulge in a second massage before you wash it out. 


Wear your SILKE Hair Wrap nightly 

The easiest way to protect your hair from unwanted damage on holiday is by wearing your Hair Wrap nightly; here at SILKE HQ we also preach wearing your Hair Wrap to the beach - it’s the perfect solution to protecting your hair.

This becomes even more important when you return home, as your scalp’s natural oils have amazing hydrating properties for your hair, but they stay built up at the root and can’t reach the dry ends. By wearing your Hair Wrap those oils can be evenly distributed from root to tip, nourishing and hydrating your hair as you go! Goodbye greasy hair days.


Choose kind styling 

Tight buns and ponytails are a ‘no’ when your hair is feeling a little fragile. Instead, opt for more ‘kind styles’ such as loose braids. 

Always secure your style with 100% SILKE Hair Ties are made to slip in and out of your hair without causing any snapping, snagging or tugging, leaving your locks completely kink and damage-free. 


Which post-holiday hair care tip is your go-to? Let us know over on Instagram and TikTok at @silkelondon

Love, SILKE xo 

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