"Hairbands as Good as Jewellery?"

"Ponytails, top knots…however you chose to wear your hair up, chances are your band is going to be on show so surely it should look great to make your easy breezy style look even better. And SILKE London have got the solution: their new hairbands SILKE London hairbands. Not only do they look great but the silk fabric they’re made with has a few other handy benefits too.

Firstly, it stops your hair from snagging as you wrench it through to get your pony as slick as Kim Kardashian’s.

Secondly, the material stops your hair from kinking as much as a regular hairband. Don’t believe us, see for yourself


After 5 hours wear of a very tight pony – that didn’t shift one iota – there is just the mere hint of a bend in the hair. We’re impressed.

And thirdly, did we mention they look really great?! Almost like a mini, luxe silk scarf tied round your hair.

For a little bit of luxe. . . Shop the Collection.


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