"How to Care for Afro Hair"

We're obsessed with afro hair and so is Funmi Fetto at Glamour. That's why she recommends The SILKE Hair Wrap as "an essential" to take care of your afro and curly hair.

From Marc Jacobs  to Christian Dior, our hair wrap designers have created for some of the greatest names in fashion. Inspired by the time tested tradition of wrapping hair, our designers have created five classic looks to make wrapping hair slip-on, slip-off easy and beautiful for all women to enjoy.

Natural or relaxed, The SILKE Hair Wrap will condition your locks so they can strengthen, lengthen and remain moisturised. 

Handmade of 100% silk, not only is the surface completely smooth; eliminating the friction that causes frizz, breakages and split ends, but it is far less absorbent than other materials too, so it won't strip away the precious moisture and naturally nourishing oils from your hair like cotton or satin does.

Hair is cocooned, encouraging your natural oils to spread evenly from root to tip. Reaching dry ends and acting as a naturally nourishing conditioning treatment as you sleep.

The SILKE Hair Wrap curls protects your curls in the Anagen (growing) phase, providing new and existing hair with the best environment to grow, boosting growth speed for extra length and volume.

Wearing The SILKE Hair Wrap overnight also prevents the tangling and matting that happens as you sleep, so you can say farewell to bed head as your hairstyle is preserved overnight!

To see the full article on Glamours top tips for looking after your hair, click here.

And to wake up to the best bed hair you've ever had.... shop The SILKE Hair Wrap.

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