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Article: "I Can Vouch for the Effectiveness" - Cosmopolitan Beauty Editor

"I Can Vouch for the Effectiveness" - Cosmopolitan Beauty Editor

We spend a third of our lives in bed, so it's no wonder beauty sleep is trending. The SILKE Hair Wrap protects, repairs and revitalises hair with no effort and no hassle all while you sleep!

Made of the finest 100% silk, ultra-chic and comfortable to wear, The SILKE Hair Wrap cocoons hair to eliminate the nightly friction that causes breakages, frizz and split ends. Conditioning your locks to promote growth, boost thickness, extend time between washes and preserve your style. . . So you wake up to smooth, strong, glossy and frizz-free locks every morning. 

And if Cosmopolitan beauty editor Ingeborg Van Lotringen can vouch for the "effectiveness" of The SILKE Hair Wrap isn't it time you started to get the best out of your beauty sleep too?

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"As Soon as I Slip It off in the Morning I Just Run My Fingers Through My Hair and It's Perfect."

Full BuzzFeed article here.  SHOP THE SILKE HAIR WRAP COLLECTION Full BuzzFeed article here.  Shop the collection now

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"For Frizzy Locks Wrap Hair in a SILKE Hair Wrap"

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