"The Best New Products to Fight Frizzy Hair"

Sceptical about The SILKE Hair Wrap? So was Fiona McKim at Woman and Home, that was until she tried it and "did a complete turnaround!"

Read why she thinks The SILKE Hair Wrap is one of her best picks to fight frizzy hair:

"You could describe my initial reaction to this silky turban as "hmmm" - until I tried it and did a complete turnaround! Yes, it seems a bit Joan Collins in Ab Fab (not that there's anything wrong with that) but its seriously pracical too. Its 100% silk, so stops your hair roughing itself up against your pillow, helps it hold onto its natural oils and preserves a blow dry overnight. This is particularly good on thick, course or afro-carribean hair, but my fine flat locks benefitted to."

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Or to score a knock out fighting your frizz, shop The SILKE Hair Wrap now.

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