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Article: "The Results Are Almost Biblical"

"The Results Are Almost Biblical"

Lauren Bravo at The Debrief spent the past year trying not to wash her hair in her quest for gorgeous, glossy locks...and nothing happened. Then in the past month she started sleeping with a SILKE Hair Wrap. . .

"Then there’s my new 100% silk hair wrap from SILKE London, which for the princely sum of £45 promises to prevent breakage, maintain my style for longer, balance the oil at my roots and ends and help me go longer between washes; the same theory behind the old tip about silk pillowcases, but in a sassy, beautifully-packaged pink and orange turban."

"The results are almost biblical. My hair looks noticeably better; the roots flatter, the ends less frazzled. Not a single kink. No straightening, no dampening-down. To make it a fair test I spend a night without it, and the kinks come straight back again."

Couldn't have said it better ourselves really.

To read all of the brilliant, witty and hair advice filled article click here.

Or for something a little bit more biblical, shop The SILKE Hair Wrap.


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