"Wake up with Perfect Hair. . . Ingenious"

How to wake up with perfect hair? Sheer Luxe says: The SILKE Hair Wrap.

Of course!

"Waking from a night’s sleep to discover your hair’s a wreck is a pain. From knots and unruly kinks to waving goodbye to that perfect blow dry, bedtime doesn’t make maintaining silky smooth tresses easy, but that’s all about to change thanks to new brand Silke London.

Developed by an expert hairstylist, these night caps have all the benefits of a silk pillow, without any of the hassle and silk-washing drama. A nod to Hollywood glamour, simply wrap your hair into the silky folds to guarantee locked-in moisture and damage prevention as you sleep.

Keeping your locks as shiny as the first wash and taming frizz and fly aways, too, it’s the ingenious invention that promises to help your styled hair last for longer. And with a price tag of just £40, you’ll soon wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself..."

They've said it all, now all thats left is for you is to shop The SILKE Hair Wrap and wake up to your perfect hair day.

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