"Drum roll after one night with the dream hair turban - and indeed: I have a truly splendid mane! No flat fuzzy mop of hair on my head, but shining, defined curls. And no trace of Frizz!"

March 05 2017

"Here’s How To Get Shiny Frizz-Free Hair While You Sleep, Like Kim Kardashian"

February 23 2017

"Wake Up (Even More) Gorgeous"

February 17 2017

Absolute Gym Essentials

February 16 2017

"Essential for Before-Bed Haircare"

February 13 2017

"No More Hair Breakage and Serves Major Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 Vibes"

February 09 2017

STRIIIKE launches The SILKE Hair Wrap

February 09 2017

Wake Up #Flawless

February 08 2017

Salma Hayek Sleeps in The SILKE Hair Wrap!

February 08 2017

"Preserve Blowouts and Prevent Frizz"

February 08 2017

"Spare Your Hair"

February 06 2017

"Wrapping the Hair Has Been a Tradition for a Really Long Time. Silke London Have These Really Cute Wraps Which I Have Never Been Able to Find Until Now."

January 27 2017

"Hair Accessories Just Got a Cool-Over"

January 16 2017

"Hairbands as Good as Jewellery?"

January 11 2017

Suffer from frizzy, unwanted bed hair on a daily basis? We have the answer! Silke London’s hair wraps.

January 10 2017

"Put an End to the Dreaded Hair Snag"

December 21 2016

"5 Holiday Hair Gifts People Actually Want"

December 17 2016

"One of Those Super Important Things You Need" - Huda Kattan

November 24 2016

"The Holy Grail of Hairbands"

November 22 2016

"Don't Even so Much as Think the S Word. This Is Not a Scrunchie."

November 01 2016

"The Results Are Almost Biblical"

November 01 2016

"For Frizzy Locks Wrap Hair in a SILKE Hair Wrap"

October 24 2016

"I Can Vouch for the Effectiveness" - Cosmopolitan Beauty Editor

October 14 2016

"As Soon as I Slip It off in the Morning I Just Run My Fingers Through My Hair and It's Perfect."

October 06 2016

The Tatler Hair Guide 2017

October 04 2016

"How to Get Smooth Hair Without Straighteners"

September 28 2016

"We Went Four Days [Without Washing] Last Week - Don't Tell Anyone!"

September 20 2016

"Wake up with Perfect Hair. . . Ingenious"

September 14 2016

"You'll Wonder What You Ever Did Without It"

September 09 2016

Shortlisted to WIN Best New Hair Care Product 2016!

September 05 2016

"For a Little In-Bed Beauty Glam"

August 08 2016

"For Those Who Wake up More Bedhead Than Blake Lively, Meet Silke"

July 12 2016

"The Best New Products to Fight Frizzy Hair"

July 11 2016

The SILKE Hair Wrap - "Key Spring 2016 Trend"

June 26 2016

"Ultimate Festival Checklist"

June 20 2016

"How to Care for Afro Hair"

June 16 2016

"Game Changer"

May 24 2016

Silke's Vibrant Hair Wraps - 2016 Beauty Trend

May 15 2016

“Next-Gen Hair Tamer”

May 03 2016
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