Here's 5 Products You Can Replace With Your Hair Wrap

At SILKE, we’re all about minimal effort, with maximum results. That’s why, when there’s a product that does the job of many of the hair products lying on the shelf, we’ll reach for that every time.

Did you know you can reduce your treatments, styling, heated and non-heated tools all by introducing the SILKE Hair Wrap into your routine? 

Here are 5 simple swaps you can make to simplify (and upgrade) your haircare routine. Say hello to strong, shiny, healthy locks! 

1. Replace Hair Masks with Overnight Hydration 

Hair Masks are great for adding extra hydration, but your Hair Wrap allows your hair to get a boost of hydration every night, naturally. It does this by evenly distributing the natural oils produced from your scalp from root to tip meaning those dry ends will feel the benefits too!  

2. Swap Expensive Hair Oils for Your Natural Hair Oils 

Hair oils can only go so far! Wear a SILKE hair wrap nightly instead. By utilising the natural oils produced from your scalp, not only are you saving on products, but you’re prolonging your blow-dry by distributing oil that would’ve stayed built up at your roots causing greasy hair, to your lengths. The results? Shiny, hydrated, healthy hair. 

3. Save on Shampoo & Conditioner by Washing Less 

Wearing the SILKE Hair Wrap every night helps your hair's natural oils distribute evenly from the root to the ends, preventing greasy hair. This means you can reduce the amount of times you wash your hair each week resulting in less products, less water usage and less time spent in the shower! 

4. Don't Use Dry Shampoo

The more you use dry shampoo, the more build up you will have on your scalp. If not washed throughly, it can result in dandruff, dryness and ultimately more hair wash days.

Consistently wearing the SILKE Hair Wrap night after night will transform the health of your hair and scalp. With hair naturally hydrated and fewer hair wash days, you'll be able to eliminate dry shampoo from your daily routine. 

5. Lessen Styling and Prevent Heat Damage 

Our founder, Maria Sotiriou, always preaches that the main cause of damage and breakage is from overusing hot tools; hair straighteners, curling irons, hair dryers, we’re looking at you! 

Wearing the Hair Wrap makes it easy for you to maintain your hair styles day after day, stopping the need for re-styling and applying heat daily. 

Hear it from our founder Maria:


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Love, SILKE xo


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