How To Prevent and Manage Hair Loss

Hair loss can happen at many different stages in life, for many different reasons. After childbirth, as we age, due to illness or poor hair practices, just to name a few.

We've gone to our founder, Maria Sotiriou, who has over 30 years of experience in the hair industry, to share her expert tips on dealing with and overcoming thinning, and helping your hair to thrive.  

In some circumstances hair loss can't be avoided, but sometimes it can happen as a result of traction - could you explain? 

‘Traction happens when hair is weighted or pulled over a consistent period of time. For example, wearing wigs, weaves, tight ponytails/buns and hair extensions. The consistent pulling will eventually cause the hair follicle to weaken. The result of this happening will be a far thinner, weaker hair or no growth at all.

The reality is, most of us pull our hair back on a daily basis. In that case, we recommend using hair ties that are gentle on hair and won't cause snagging or kinks. Your average elastic hair ties can pull hair out when removed, where as our 100% silk SILKE Hair Ties glide against hair to reduce hair loss.



What else can we do to avoid to hair loss? 

‘Over washing - in my experience as a hairstylist this creates countless problems for the hair. A trichologist will advise to shampoo our hair every day, if not every other day. They advise this to keep the scalp and hair follicles cleansed, so as to aid hair growth. But from a hairstylist perspective, I disagree. This will cause problems for the condition of the hair.' 


So how often should we wash our hair?

'The key is to find a healthy balance. Aim for once a week wash or twice a week maximum. My most important advice regarding this, is that the scalp and hair is cleansed correctly. Take time to thoroughly work around the scalp and hairline. Use a scalp brush to stimulate blood to the scalp and follicles. Wherever possible, opt for professional hair products and hair masks.

Wearing your SILKE Hair Wrap nightly will also make your blow-dry last longer, meaning you’ll feel the need to wash your hair much less.’

Maria’s top tip: washing less so that means less product, so investing in better quality products could actually work out better for your wallet.  

It seems like everyone is talking about rosemary oil for hair growth – are there any other options that can help?

‘Yes! The SILKE Hair Wrap actually provides the ideal environment for hair to absorb all the natural nutrients our scalp naturally produces and provides, which can encourage growth. Natural oils deplete as we age so it is important, they are not lost through friction and dehydration (from cotton pillowcases).

Young, weak, and vulnerable hairs are protected by the SILKE Hair Wrap ultimately causing less hair to fall. In doing so the hair strengthens and flourishes, helping it to appear thicker and longer.’

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Love, SILKE xo 


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