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Article: The Beach Accessory Your Hair Will Thank You For

The Beach Accessory Your Hair Will Thank You For

The Beach Accessory Your Hair Will Thank You For

We all know and love our SILKE London Hair Wraps as an integral part of our nightly hair routine, but have you thought about wearing it to the beach? 

Our founder, Maria Sotiriou, who has 30+ years of experience in hairdressing and is the creative mind behind the SILKE Hair Wrap, shares why it’s a must this summer. 

“Just like your skin, your hair suffers sun damage. So why do we go to such efforts to protect our skin, but do nothing to protect our hair?”


7 reasons to wear SILKE to the beach 


Protection from UVA+B rays. 

Popping your Hair Wrap on whilst enjoying the sun creates a physical barrier between your hair and harmful UVA+B rays. Without it you're exposing your hair to sun damage; not approved as part of a healthy hair routine! 


Stay hydrated in the heat. 

We know that wrapping your hair in 100% silk does wonders for your hair overnight but worn during the day gives your hair that *extra* treatment it needs in the sun. As the scalp and hair warms up, it allows moisture and natural hair sebum to be absorbed. This means hydrated and supple cuticles, and a moisture treatment for your hair from root to tip. 



Keep your colour. 

Anyone with colour treated hair knows the struggle of protecting it from unwanted damage and discolouration on holiday. Protecting your hair with the Hair Wrap will eliminate stripping of your hair colour and the yellowing of bleached hair. 


This one’s for the curls. 

For wavy, curly or coily hair, wearing a Hair Wrap out and about means there’s no need to spend time on refreshing your curls. There’s nothing better than arriving back from the beach with defined, frizz free curls.



Avoid abrasive fabrics. 

Just like cotton pillows, sun loungers and towels cause friction and dehydration leading to unwanted damage to your hair. Your Hair Wrap will act as a physical barrier, as well as treating your hair to all the natural benefits simultaneously. 


More sun, less styling.

Feel like spending more time by the pool and less time washing, blow-drying and styling your hair? The Hair Wrap reduces the need to constantly wash your hair, leaving you more time to enjoy your holiday! 


Save space in the carry-on

Less hair washing and styling equals less shampoo, styling products and heated tools are needed. Less packing, product waste and goop means there’s no need to worry about airline restrictions and keep to carry-on.



Take a snap with our SILKE Hair Wrap at the beach? Don’t forget to tag us @silkelondon on Instagram and Tiktok, we love to see our products out and about! 


Love, SILKE xo

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