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Article: No-Sweat Hair Tips Every Gym Girl Should Know

No-Sweat Hair Tips Every Gym Girl Should Know

No-Sweat Hair Tips Every Gym Girl Should Know

Fitness lovers know that maintaining gorgeous hair, whilst keeping up an exercise routine can feel like quite the chore! Finding a balance between sweaty days, and hair wash days, is the ultimate challenge, especially in the summer. 

SILKE London are on hand with some top tips, styling to try, and product recommendations to help fitness fanatics find a healthy hair routine to fit the lifestyle.


Tip 1: Wear your SILKE Hair Wrap nightly 

Working up a sweat can cause your scalp to produce more natural oils than usual, meaning greasy roots! Wearing your Hair Wrap nightly distributes those natural oils throughout the length of the hair. This means less root build-up, and more natural hydration. 

Sleeping in a Hair Wrap on each night will also save you time in the mornings, rolling out of bed with smooth, shiny and ready-to-go hair. For any AM gym goers, we know how crucial that can be! 


Tip 2: Kind Styling 

Gym lovers are notorious for loving damaging hair styles; mega tight buns and messy top knots are a no go if you really want to love your hair and have it love you in return! 

Opt for looser styles taking the pressure off your hair and cuticles. We love loose braids, as they’re perfect for keeping your hair out of your face without causing excess damage. 

Finish off your braid with a SILKE Hair Tie to show your ends some extra love. 


Tip 3: Make the Hair Tie Switch 

One of the easiest ways to save your hair from any snapping, snagging and damage with your gym hairstyle, is by simply switching to silk. While regular hair ties are infamous for their abrasive fabrics and metal clasps, the SILKE Hair Ties are made from super strong elastic cased in 100% pure silk. Rock your up-do knowing it’ll stay in place for as long as you need, but when you’re ready to take it out your Hair Tie will slide over your hair, leaving it damage and kink-free. Not to mention, there’s a colour option to match your gym fit.


Tip 4: Make Your Hair Wash Go The Distance

SILKE London’s founder, Maria Sotiriou, always recommends washing your hair only 1-2 times a week. Committing to this lower number of hair wash days means you can really put the effort in, and most importantly enjoy them - it’s pampering after all!

Maria recommends doing an oil treatment once a week as part of your routine. Just pop your favourite hair oil in 24 hours before your due a hair wash and why not wear it as a leave-in treatment to the gym? 

Top tip - the warmth from your scalp will help the oil work its magic, and if you’re not planning on a workout that day, pop a hairdryer over it to create some warmth that way! 


There you have it - dream hair and a solid fitness routine can go hand in hand, if you know how! 

Love, SILKE xo

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