Say farewell to FRIZZY hair days. Permanently.

BEAT THE HEAT with The SILKE Hair Wrap and say farewell to frizzy hair days. Permanently. 

The SILKE Hair Wrap conditions and protects your locks against the nightly friction of bed linen against our hair cuticles that causes frizz and bed head that's exasperated in hot weather!

Worn nightly, your hair cuticles glide smoothly against the 100% silk, eliminating the friction that causes your cuticles to stand on end and create frizz. Instead The SILKE Hair Wrap smooths your cuticles flat so they reflect light and shine.

This gliding motion also works to re-align cuticles that have frizzed and reshaped from humidity throughout the day -  so go to bed a frizzy nightmare and wake up a silky sleek dream!

Worried about wearing something on your head at night in this heat? Don't be! Silk is remarkably different to other materials - it's heat regulating and the only material that allows your skin to breathe, translation: you'll remain cool all night!

Not only is our 100% silk's surface completely smooth, but it it’s far less absorbent too, so it won’t strip away the precious moisture and naturally nourishing oils from your hair like cotton does. Eliminating dry, brittle tresses this summer.

Major bonus - you'll wash your hair a lot less too. As your hair is encased, the SILKE Hair Wrap encourages your natural oils to spread evenly from root to tip - oils are no longer concentrated at the roots so greasy hair days are few and far between.

Want to wake up to your best hair day, every day this summer? Shop The SILKE Hair Wrap here..

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