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Article: Say farewell to GREASY hair days. Permanently.

Say farewell to GREASY hair days. Permanently.
greasy hair

Say farewell to GREASY hair days. Permanently.

We'll do anything short of sticking our head in the washing machine to make sure our hair is looking clean.

But we all know that washing your hair too often only wreaks havoc on our locks, it's just too darn difficult to wean ourself off, if only there was an easy way we could. . .

Luckily we have the answer to finally let you say farewell to greasy hair days. Permanently. 

"I've spend years washing and drying my hair every morning, so this is a total hair and life game-changer!" - Alannah, SILKE Convert.

Prevent greasy hair 1) It's all about HOW you wash it.

"First, be sure to apply shampoo to both the front and the back of your head, as people often concentrate on the top. The dirtiest areas are often at the nape of the neck and behind the ears.

Next, use the pads of your fingertips and avoid using your nails to massage in the suds, as this can damage your follicles, roots and scalp.

Be sure to massage your scalp and not just your hair, as this is where products and grease build up, leading to dandruff." - Maria, SILKE London Founder.

2) Daily washing? Guilty. . .

"Washing your hair daily strips your hair of the natural oils it needs to stay healthy, causing your scalp to overcompensate by producing too much sebum. The result? Your hair looks . . . well, slicker than you’d like.

The best way to break the cycle is to start weaning your hair off the sudsy stuff as soon as possible. When you wash your locks less often, say once or twice a week, you’ll notice a BIG difference" - Maria, SILKE London Founder.

But HOW do I break my over-washing cycle, it's too hard to do it alone?!


3) The SILKE Hair Wrap - The ONE product you need to finally put the age old problem of greasy hair to bed. Literally.

"We went four days without washing, don't tell anyone!" - Emerald Street.

Worn nightly, The SILKE Hair Wrap, made of pure 100% silk, cocoons hair to encourage your natural oils to be spread evenly along your entire hair shaft, balancing greasy roots and dry tips. Oils are no longer concentrated at the roots, so you have far fewer greasy hair days!

SILKE London hair wrap

"my blow-dry stayed perfectly intact for FOUR DAYS straight. FOUR DAYS people!" - Monica Welburn, Beauty & Lifestyle blogger.

The SILKE Hair Wrap also allows you to maintain your hairstyle for longer, which means no last-minute shampoo to restyle your crowning glory before a big night out. So you can start shunning your arsenal of styling products, which only perpetuate the over-washing cycle.

To put an end an end to your greasy days. . . Shop The SILKE Hair Wrap collection.



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