10 Reasons To Wrap

If you’ve not introduced a SILKE London Hair Wrap into your nightly routine, maybe you’ll have to reconsider after checking out our ‘10 reasons to wrap’... 

1. Grow those locks

The Hair Wrap acts as a physical barrier between your hair and abrasive fabrics stopping unnecessary breakage in its tracks. A gorgeous side effect of this is hair growth; by keeping that breakage at bay, your hair will flow freely and grow, grow, grow! 

2. Say goodbye to frizz

Wearing a Hair Wrap nightly means you can skip out on the daily battle with a frizzy bedhead come morning. Whip your Hair Wrap off and swish your hair into place; hello shiny, smooth hair, and goodbye to any unwanted frizz.

3. Make the most of your scalp’s natural oils 

Your scalp produces natural oils, as we know, we’ve all experienced an unwanted greasy scalp. If that natural oil is distributed from root to tip it’s actually super hydrating and nourishing for your hair. So switch out the greasy scalp, and enjoy the extra nourishment. 

4. No more breakage 

Aside from acting as a physical barrier, as the Hair Wrap distributes the scalp’s natural oils from root to tip, the extra hydration and nourishment we raved about above helps the overall health of your hair and therefore stops any breakage.

5. Shine, shine and more shine 

The Hair Wrap encourages the hair cuticles to lay flat. Not only does that reduce frizz, but it increases the hair’s shine. Who doesn’t want extra shiny hair?! 

6. Super strength 

With all that extra nourishment, hydration and limited breakage, your hair becomes super strong. It doesn’t matter your hair’s colour, style or texture, strong and healthy hair will always be on trend. 

7. Keep hair wash days to a minimum 

Not only do hair wash days take extra time and effort, they’re really unnecessary to be doing more than once / twice a week. The Hair Wrap allows you to really spread out those hair wash days in the calendar and ensure your blow-dry goes the distance inbetween! 

8. Minimal hot tool styling 

With the Hair Wrap your fight with frizz is over, the battle with the bedhead is no more and greasy roots are no longer an issue. This means, not only are you saving time in the morning’s, but you’re also saving your hair from unnecessary hot tool styling. When we’re unhappy with our hair the first thing we do is reach for the hair straightener or tong, instead, simply whip your Hair Wrap off and you’re good to go. 

9. Positive environmental impact 

Less hair washing and overstyling means less physical waste, less product consumption, less water usage and less hair goop being washed down the drain. We’re all about minimal effort and maximum results, and that has a great impact on your carbon footprint.

10. Save, save, save

The Hair Wrap can feel like a luxury; an investment in your hair, but overall if you’re saving time and money when it comes to your hair because of it, it’s ‘price per wear’ covers itself pretty quickly. Invest in your hair and your hair will love you back. 

Head over to check out our Hair Wrap selection here, with a range of 11 different colours there’s something for everyone, whatever your style. 


Love, SILKE xo 

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