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Whether you’re jetting off to Ibiza, or exploring pastures closer to home with a staycation, there’s really no need to over pack when it comes to your haircare. 

And no, that doesn’t mean wearing your hair in a bun the whole time! You can rock your best ever hair AND travel light. Here at SILKE London we’re all about minimum effort and maximum results, both at home and away! 


The SILKE Hair Wrap

From the plane, to the beach, to the hotel, the SILKE Hair Wrap truly is the ultimate hair care travel companion. Here are a few ways you can utilise it so you can skip the goo-hoarding, and leave those heavy products at home. 

Make your blowdry go the distance 


By cocooning your hair in 100% mulberry silk each and every night you can make your blowdry last all the way until day 5, 6 + 7. Schedule your blowdry right before you depart and then simply maintain your style over that long weekend or throughout the week with your Hair Wrap

This handy tip means you can even skip on packing shampoo & conditioner! 

Lock in the hydration


The one thing your hair cries out for on holiday is hydration. The plane rides, moisture absorbing hotel pillows, UVA + UBA rays and abrasive fabrics all contribute to that dry holiday hair we’re all too familiar with; well now it’s a thing of the past.

Give your hair a helping hand by popping on the SILKE Hair Wrap nightly. It evenly distributes the natural oils from your scalp throughout the lengths of your hair, keeping your mane hydrated from root to tip with no excess build up. 

It’s not just for the bedroom


Your SILKE Hair Wrap isn’t just for sleeping or lounging in bed. Celebs such as Rhianna and Beyonce have been seen wearing their hair wraps to the beach and out and about; a true holiday fashion statement.

But it’s not all about the look, wearing your Hair Wrap at the beach creates a physical barrier between your hair and the sun’s UVA + UVB rays which cause damage, aging and colour fading. It also prevents long hair from getting tangled, take not hair extension lovers! 


The SILKE Hair Ties

From your wrist, to a sky high pony, and back again, our 100% silk Hair Ties are on hand for your up-do needs, minus to snapping, snagging and kinks. 

Do you love putting your hair up on holiday but dread bringing it back down? These are for you. 


Slip and slide  


Our Hair Ties are made from super strong elastic, enclosed in an exterior made from 100% pure mulberry silk. This means they can hold that ponytail in place, but are super kind to your hair when you’re transitioning in and out of your favourite styles. 

Traditionally hair ties are made from really abrasive fabrics, making them infamous for snapping, snagging and causing unnecessary damage to our hair as we take them out. 

Not on our watch - The SILKE Hair Ties slip in and out with ease, not interrupting your precious strands one bit! 


100% silk clasp 


Another infamous feature of traditional hair ties - a metal clasp. There’s a reason why they usually have strands upon strands of your hair wrapped around them, and it’s because they’re the main culprit when it comes to pulling those strands out. 

The SILKE Hair Ties are complete with a 100% pure silk clasp, matching perfectly with the Tie itself, and sliding in and out of your hair just as gracefully.

Wrist candy 


Of course a hair tie must look as good around one’s wrist as it does in one's ponytail, and our Hair Ties do not disappoint. Whether you like a classic tone, something vibrant or a pastel palette, we have something for you that you can be just as delighted with on your wrist, as you are when it’s in your hair. 

Love, SILKE xo

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