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Article: How To Solve The Most Common Hair Problems

How To Solve The Most Common Hair Problems

How To Solve The Most Common Hair Problems

Do you find yourself complaining about the same hair issues but never really knowing how to fix them? 

Our expert-approved Problems < Solutions guide is here to help you reach your hair goals! 

Problem: Frizz Hair 

Solution: Reduce friction while you sleep

Frizz is often caused by dehydrated hair, heat styling and friction on your pillow overnight. By wearing the SILKE Hair Wrap nightly you’ll find that your hair cuticles will lay flat, and damage will be kept to a minimum, leaving your hair smoother, shinier and frizz-free come morning. 

Bye, bye bedhead! 


Problem: Dry Ends

Solution: Natural hair hydration

Feel like you need more hydration? If you regularly use a hair mask or hair oil, help the benefits last longer by preserving this added hydration with the SILKE Hair Wrap overnight

The Hair Wrap also allows your scalp’s oils to be evenly distributed from root to tip, putting it to good use to boost your hair’s hydration throughout your lengths without any additional products. 

Problem: Hair Growth

Solution: Protect your hair overnight

Of course we know that hair growth can be stunted by unwanted breakage, but did you know that a lot of that breakage happens whilst you sleep? This is due to abrasive fabrics such as cotton pillowcases sucking the moisture from your hair and causing breakage due to friction. 

The SILKE Hair Wrap not only acts as a physical barrier between your hair and abrasive fabrics, but it keeps breakage at bay allowing you to grow your hair faster. 

Problem: Heat Damage 

Solution: Make your styled hair last longer

Putting down the heated tools is easier said than done, but when it comes to preventing or healing heat damage, it’s a must!

It’s much easier to avoid when you blow-dry and style your hair properly post hair wash and then work on maintaining that style, as opposed to leaving your hair to go array post wash, and then battling it with the heated tools daily.

Once you’ve properly blow-dried and styled your hair, wear your Hair Wrap nightly to preserve the style, keeping it smooth and frizz free. 

When you feel you don’t want to wear your hair down anymore, opt for the SILKE Hair Ties for a loose braid or low bun, to get those extra days out of your hair without causing any damage. 

Hello day 4, 5 + 6 hair! 

Problem: Split Ends 

Solution: 100% silk

Snagging, snapping and splitting is often caused by abrasive hair ties. Traditional hair ties are made with harsh elastic and metal clasps, which are infamous for dragging along your hair as you pop them in and out of your up-do. 

Make a simple switch over the 100% silk Hair Ties which have a strong interior, but super soft, silk exterior which means they can slide in and out of your hair without leaving any kinks or split ends - plus their ‘clasps’ match the exterior in 100% pure silk, not a metal clasp in sight!  


Problem: Dull Hair 

Solution: Prolong time between hair washes

If your hair is appearing dull it could be for a few reasons, the most common is lack of hair’s general health, therefore lack of shine, or build up of products, especially ones that have a lot of silicone that can coat the hair making it appear dull. 

By using your SILKE Hair Wrap to prolong your hair wash you can create a hair care routine from very minimal hair products. Put the time and money into a really great hair wash routine once a week, then it’s all about maintenance from there! 

Your hair should appear shinier and happier over time. 


Let us know if you try out any of your solutions over on Instagram at @silkelondon. 

Love, SILKE xo

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