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Article: 6 Ways Your SILKE Hair Wrap is Eco Friendly.

6 Ways Your SILKE Hair Wrap is Eco Friendly.

At SILKE HQ, we like to think of ourselves as being conscious consumers when shopping for our hair and beauty products, and we know many of our likeminded SILKE Converts are super passionate about this topic too. Going green can be a touchy subject in the hair and beauty industry, as, as consumers, we are marketed multiple products (in multiple bottles...) for each and every complaint we have on our appearance. We may be preaching to the already converted ;) but we have put together a few ways to tell you how incorporating SILKE into your hair care routine, you are helping out the planet that bit more.

1. Easiest way to cut back on plastic usage and waste? Use less products, duh! We have all seen the videos circulating Facebook of sea creatures with plastic painfully embedded in their bodies, and the garish tonnes of packaging littering the ocean. These videos are made all the more hard to watch when you have an uneasy feeling that you could have made your own contribution to this with the amount of plastic packaging you get through for your day to day hair routine. The SILKE Hair Wrap does the job of approximately 5 different hair products, which would each come in its own tub, bottle or aerosol can. Choosing SILKE means less waste, less plastic, less chemicals, and far better hair.

2. As well as the planet, SILKE also helps the purse strings ;). Once you've invested in a SILKE Hair Wrap, you will buy, use and throw away less bottles of hair products (saving yourself some serious $$$). Considering the multitude of benefits the SILKE Hair Wrap delivers to your hair and the number of different wet hair products you would need, (with far shorter replacement periods!), to replicate these benefits, the wrap has a very low price per wear! Cha-ching.

3. SILKE cuts out the crap. Minimising your usage of wet hair products, means you end up using less non-biodegradable silicone oils. These oils (sneakily) turn up in so many hair products. When these products are washed off your hair, the silicone oils are going from down the drain directly into our oceans, where they are unable to break down and harm sea-life. 

4. Wearing your SILKE Hair Wrap each night means that greasy hair days are few and far between, halving your hair washing and styling routine. Using less water, and electricity from plugging your hair dryer and styling tools in too. Every little helps!

5. Each SILKE Hair Wrap is made from 100% silk, a natural fibre that can easily break down once it has fulfilled its lifespan and you have thrown it away. Quickly replaced with another colour of course ;)

6. Our packaging is kind! We designed the box that your SILKE Hair Wrap arrives in to be useful (as well as super beautiful!), ensuring it is easily re-used as a Hair Wrap carrying case when you travel, or even to sit pretty on your dresser, keeping jewellery and trinkets all in one place. (We would love to know how you use yours? IG story it and tag us!). We use minimal plastic in our packaging process (due to the nature of our hair care products and under hygiene regulations, we still have to use a little) and all of our packaging is 100% recyclable.

Making this small change to your everyday routine will reduce the footprint you leave behind. It will also give you the best hair of your life.

Win win. 


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