Minimise Your Routine & Leave a Positive Impact On the Environment

Creating a concise, minimal routine that works for your hair has a positive impact on the environment around you!

Green Beauty

“By 2050, it’s been predicted that there will be 12 billion tonnes of beauty packaging in landfill” (Source: The Digital Fairy x Beauty Stack report)

By adopting a more minimal approach to your routine, you can drastically reduce the amount of products you buy, and in turn, the amount of waste you leave behind. 

The SILKE Hair Wrap promotes minimal effort and minimal products, with maximum results!

Wrapping your hair in 100% pure silk can have an amazing impact on your hair, without all the excess: 

  • The natural oils produced by your scalp are evenly distributed from the root to the tip, keeping those lengths nourished and hydrated 
  • The silk acts as a physical barrier between hair and abrasive fabrics such as cotton pillows, which cause damage, snapping and split ends. Protecting your lengths against them boosts the overall health of your hair, and prolongs the life of your styling! Double win!
  • Cocooning your hair encourages your cuticles to lay flat. When they don’t lay flat they produce a hair-do known as ‘the bedhead’. No more fighting frizz with products and hot tools! 

Blue Beauty 

“If we don’t cut back on water usage and wastage, 5 billion people could face water shortages by 2050, while it’s also predicted that by 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in our oceans.” (Source: The Digital Fairy x Beauty Stack report)

Washing your hair every day is completely unnecessary, but no one wants greasy roots either! The SILKE Hair Wrap prolongs the life of your blowdry, so you can enjoy day 4, 5 + 6 hair like they were your first. 

So what does that mean for your environmental impact? 

  • Shorter shower sessions as you’re not washing your hair as often 
  • Cutting down on the amount of ‘hair washing’ products you’re using. This also means they’re not being washed down the drain and into our water system 
  • Less styling products. After that initial blowdry, cocooning your hair every night will keep that style intact, producing less packaging waste overall
  • Generally less hair damage which is usually caused by repeat styling with hot tools. This means you can enjoy super healthy hair and the style you love, all whilst making good environmental choices 

So there you have it. Invest in products that do the most, but require you to buy less, use less and wash less. 

Love, SILKE x

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